Scott Joplin the Entertainer Term Paper

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Scott Joplin's The Entertainer

Scott Joplin was born in Linden, Texas in approximately 1868 and died at about 50 years of age, after a wild and illustrious musical career that began as a child. He was born of poor parents, but was considered gifted in music, so received an education in classical music. Even though he was trained classically, Scott loved Ragtime music and began playing and composing music of that genre. Eventually, just before Jazz became popular, Scott was considered the best known composer of Ragtime. Even though he did not make much money from the publication of his music, his Maple Leaf Rag was one of the best-selling pieces published at the turn of the century and remained popular for many years. He also published waltzes, marches and popular songs. Considered to be guided by and competitive with classical composers in the perfection of his music, Scott Joplin "lifted ragtime from its low estate and lined it up with Beethoven and Bach," said John Stark in Ragtime Review (Stark p. 83).

His piece entirled the Entertainer was written along with other tunes destined to become famous, during 1901-1902. In 1973 it became the theme song for a contemporary movie the Sting and won an Oscor for Best Film Scoring. It was played by Martin Hamlisch on the soundtrack of the movie the Sting and is so well-known because of this, that the piece is even sometimes call the Sting (Waterman, p. 232).

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The tune itself is a lively, synchopated, upbeat ragtime tune, called a two-step. Described as a "rag" with a decided sense of humor, the Entertainer is a light and likeable composition that combines straight major chords with minors to effect a happy sound with plaintive backbeats. Since it has a brisk beat with a slow interior sound, it is suitable to be used for foxtrot and quickstep dancing, as well as enjoyable listening (Tichenor, p. 23).

Term Paper on Scott Joplin the Entertainer Assignment

Joplin, it was said by Jasen and Tichenor, was looking for black Midwestern Folk rag ideas to utilize in his music. He combined pentatonic rhythms with blues timing and notes and created a synthesis of the past. In melody and harmony he utilized black folk music, creating a new format. He also synthesized march music, which he loved and had been composing,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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