Sculptures of Gabriel Orozco the Object Term Paper

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Sculptures of Gabriel Orozco

The object is the inverse of sculpture, which traditionally has its center of gravity in its base. What would happen, Orozco asks, if sculpture were opened up and we moved inside it? - Margaret Iversen, 2004

According to Werner (1997), technological multimedia work has been increasingly popularized in recent years throughout Mexico by installation artist Gabriel Orozco (1594). Taking images from what is commonly encountered by people during their daily lives, this artist reformulates these images into thought-provoking sculptures that have attracted a great deal of attention from critics and the public alike. In this regard, Mattick (2003) reports that, "Contemporary art nevertheless remains flavored by the sentiment of distance from the culture of business, a distance central to the identity of art in its modern sense. There are artists whose work directly addresses the commercial operation of galleries, museums, and art fairs like Gabriel Orozco" (117). This paper provides a brief biography of Orozco, followed by an overview of his work with a particular focus on his sculpture, "Oval with Pendulum." A review of the sculpture's work in is followed by a summary of the research and salient findings in the conclusion.

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Term Paper on Sculptures of Gabriel Orozco the Object Is Assignment

The biographical entry for the artist shows that Orozco was born in Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico in 1962 and attended Escuela Nacional de Arte Plasticas in Mexico City, and at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain (Biography 1). According to one biographer, "For Orozco, objects are either the provocation or the residue of an event. Some of the sculptor's major works include the patterned human skull of "Black Kites," the curvilinear logic of "Oval Billiard Table," and the extended playing field of the chessboard in "Horses Running Endlessly" (Biography 1-2). Orozco has also experimented with other media as well, and although he is noted for the quality of his paintings, his sculptures appear to have been the predominant medium in which he has been celebrated. For instance, Orozco's sculptures were featured at Documenta XI in 2002,.".. where his sensuous terra-cotta works explored the elegance and logic of traditional ceramics -- a pointed commentary on Mexican craft and its place in a 'high art' gallery space" (Biography 2). Another famous exhibition in which Orozco has participated to date was the so-called "Sonic Process" which featured eight visual, sculptural installations as veritable sound studios that were designed especially for the exhibition held at the Pompidou Center, Paris in 2002, with subsequent showings in Berlin and Barcelona (Lovejoy 293). Today, the artist lives and works in New York, Paris, and Mexico City (Biography 3).

Orozco's "Oval with Pendulum."

According to Joselit (2000) "Gabriel Orozco makes such 'impossible objects,' in which the stain of reality remains pungent. For Orozco, objects are either the provocation or the residue of an event. Two aspects of rendezvous are evocatively juxtaposed in the second gallery of his LA exhibition" (173). One aspect of this collision of harsh reality and its impact on the viewer is a collection of 40 photographs entitled "Until You Find Another Yellow Schwalbe," which was a series of pictures of the artist's yellow Schwalbe scooter (a brand manufactured in the former GDR) photographed alongside identical bikes parked on the streets of Berlin (Joselet 173). The other aspect of this rendezvous is characterized by Orozco's sculpture, "Oval with Pendulum" (1996), described by this author as.".. An oblong, pocketless billiard table holding two white balls and a red one, which hangs from a cord like a pendulum. Pool cues are available… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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