Search Engine Heart Disease Lovenox vs. Aspirin Research Paper

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Search Engine

Heart disease

Lovenox vs. aspirin: Search engine PICO study

Lovenox vs. aspirin: Search engine PICO study

Heart disease claims the lives of many Americans. However, despite the common nature of the condition, the right cocktail of pharmacological treatments for patients continues to be fine-tuned. Aspirin therapy has long been the most commonly recommended drug treatment for coronary disease. For some patients Lovenox has also been used in conjunction or substitution with traditional aspirin therapy. Lovenox is an anticoagulant therapy that can help reduce the risk of developing DVT, or deep vein thrombosis.

Patient/population: Patients with Heart disease

Intervention: Drug treatment (as opposed to lifestyle alterations)

Comparison: Is aspirin or Lovenox a superior method of treating patients with heart disease?

Outcome: Combination therapy is indicated but the benefits of aspirin therapy seem to be confirmed in almost all available studies (Ramanath & Eagle 2007)

Timeframe: Literature review -- not specified

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Research Paper on Search Engine Heart Disease Lovenox vs. Aspirin: Assignment

At first, I plugged the words 'aspirin' and 'Lovenox' into the search engine of the National Center for Biotechnology Information of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, but unsurprisingly got many irrelevant studies focusing on aspirin. Writing 'aspirin' and 'Lovenox' and 'heart disease' also brought forth far too many results, and far too many useless responses. Finally, after writing aspirin, Lovenox, and coronary disease, I retrieved a study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs 2007; 7(2):95-116 pertinent to my question entitled: "Evidence-based medical therapy of patients with acute coronary syndromes" by V.S. Ramanath and K.A. Eagle. The study reviewed current pharmacologic therapies for coronary disease, including antiplatelet therapies such as aspirin and anticoagulants such as unfractionated and low molecular weight heparin. The study found that combination therapies of antiplatelet drugs, beta-adrenoceptor antagonists, ACE inhibitors to treat high blood pressure, and lipid-lowering agents such as statins showed the clearest benefit in ameliorating study participant's heart disease.

The study design was qualitative in the sense that it was a literature review, but it did include quantitative studies in its examination of different treatments for the condition. "With new clinical trials being conducted, our knowledge of latest therapies for ACS continually evolves. In this article, we review currently available medical therapies and provide evidence-based… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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