Second Language Teaching Technology Research Paper

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Second Language Teaching

Technology and second language teaching

With the advent in technology, every aspect of life, both social and professional tended to incline towards adopting technology. This means that even in the classrooms the use of technology use is inevitable. The adoption of technology in teaching in many instances has met resistance from the teachers with varying reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of resources among other reasons. However, of late teachers have gradually accepted the appropriate technologies that are deemed suitable in aiding the teaching process.

Teaching of second language can also benefit from the introduction of technology into the classrooms. The use of technology varies among schools and while some schools have fully adopted the use of technology almost 100%, some are still yet to accept it.

Teachers have a pivotal role to play in ensuring the entrenchment of technology into the learning process. This is inevitable since incorporating it in the learning process and classrooms is both a teaching tool for the teacher as well as a learning tool for the students. As indicated by Education World (2013), students seem to be adapting quite fast to the rapid expansion in technology, indeed faster than the adults. This means therefore that incorporating technology into the learning process and classroom use is a great way of increasing the interest of children in learning.

Technology used

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Email updates and text messages are some of the ways that technology can be used in handling a class of this nature. With each student having a mail, they will be receiving updates from the instructor on the material that they can use for regular exercise and application of the lessons learnt in class. It is also a way through which the students can easily contact the instructor on questions that they would like to be answered even while away from class.

Research Paper on Second Language Teaching Technology and Second Language Assignment

The other tool is the online books that are of late quite widely used. In teaching second language, there is need to have as many books as possible and some of the best books in teaching language can be found online. Some of them are on paid websites yet some can be accessed online free of any charges.

Second language teaching can also be aided by use of interactive activities as a supplementary aspect to the curriculum. The teachers can allow students to go online and try completing the activities during the regular class hours with proper timing.

The teacher can also utilize technology to keep track of the performance of their students. This can be done by… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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