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Secretary of State Transition From Hillary to John Kerry

For the past eight years the Secretary of State position has been held by a woman. Despite criticism that Obama's new administration lacks the female power it has held in the past four years, John Kerry was announced as being Hillary Rodham Clinton's Secretary of State successor. Kerry has fully acknowledged the fact that he will be the first man in the modern technological age to take on this position (LaFranchi 2013). Plenty has changed in the last two presidencies and the Secretary of State position has gone from without question belonging to a woman, to now transitioning back over as being a male-held position.

The issues that are dealt with by the Secretary of State have been known to be issues that may more likely be better handled by a woman (LaFranchi 2013). Kerry himself has been quoted as saying, "Can a man actually run the State Department?" (LaFranchi 2013). The reputation of the issues that are dealt with in this department require traits such as level-headedness and careful negotiation activity that are highly attributed to a female persona; thus far, this concept has been successfully put into play, but now a new perspective is once again going to be had. The position is now returning to the hands of a man.

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John Kerry is known as being a person who manages policies that are already in place; he is great at reinforcing the values from which those policies stemmed from. However, Kerry is not known as being a politician to come up with innovative or policy-changing ideas as he predecessor Rodham Clinton has been (LaFranchi 2013). She has been a very successful and extremely well-liked politician by other international leaders alike. She has been known for developing notions on which compromise can be established. Kerry will have plenty to live up to and he will also have some "big heels to fill" (LaFranchi 2013) as he begins his journey into this position.

Term Paper on Secretary of State Transition From Hillary to Assignment

With the growing fear of terrorism abroad and the untimely deaths of great leaders such as that of the United States of America's ambassador in Libya, the concern for a resolution to growing international turmoil and to the developing foreign affairs are of dire importance and concern. Kerry has been particularly vocal about this incident, among others, and guarantees American citizens that he already has plans and knows how he would be able to bring a solution to these impending political issues (LaFranchi 2013). His motto has always been for a safer America, both locally and internationally. Kerry's transition into the Secretary of State position will bring more enforcement of the safety policies that are already in place. He may even go as far as attempting to tweak and change some of the pre-established policies, but like previously aforementioned, Kerry is not known to be a politician that will come up with new ideas of his own. Kerry is known to be dry, but productive (LaFranchi 2013). Unlike Rodham Clinton who was known for her outstanding interpersonal skills, Kerry is better known for his ability to get down to the point and getting policies enforced.

The transition from Rodham Clinton to Kerry will be one of change, but not entirely of a negative nature. Despite this transition being one of novelty and modification, it may be one that may bring more good than not. Maybe what has been needed is a fresh perspective that will provide alternative solutions to growing foreign affairs. The role of Secretary of State will indeed go through changes once again, but hopefully for the best.

Topic 2: The Life of Ed Koch

Ed Koch, born in 1924, is most famously known for being the mayor of New York City from 1978 to 1989. During this time, he made essential changes to New York City, having a successful three term run in office and becoming one of New York City's most memorable mayors. He died on February 1st, 2013 from heart failure and although it was a great loss to the political community, his legacy continues to live on as he has become a role model for those who strive to make a political difference.

Early on in the beginning of his political career, Koch established his democratic loyalty and his dedication to bringing forth issues that he thought were pertinent. His liberal views came during an era when being conservative was a growing epidemic and this led his opponents on a trail that would eventually lead to his demise. But not before making some essential contributions to New York City history (Honan and Michaud 2013). Koch was very forward in his thinking. He believed that all of his New York City citizens had the right to know everything that was going on politically. He believed in informing the public about issues that would directly be affecting them and educating them about his proposed solutions -- no matter how controversial or tough they may have seemed at the time. He had a way of portraying issues to the public that allowed the public to understand him and to provide him with the public support that he needed to get his agenda through.

Koch created the sense that government, especially local government, was supposed to be made for the citizens of its city. He reformed the public school system by establishing a management system that oversaw children's educational progress and allowed them change whatever was not working in hopes of improving students' educational goals. Because Koch was not afraid to voice his opinions, he was able to establish public works regulation and create departments that oversaw sanitation efforts in order to clean up a polluted city (Honan and Michaud 2013). He was brave enough to cut spending in unnecessary markets in order to bring more good to the people of New York City. He is remembered for his ability to connect government with its citizens and for his desire to bring government resources where they are needed the most -- in the hands of the hard-working people who lived in New York City.

Mayors after that have tried to live up to Koch's legacy only to be constantly compared to him by everyone (Honan and Michaud 2013). He has been an inspiration to political leaders who hope to make a difference in the lives of their citizens. As stated before, Koch had a liberal mindset too early on in America's recent history. He was a large supporter of HIV / AIDS prevention strategies that were not too popular when first announced. His support for gay rights also put him in the headlines as this life-long bachelor's sexuality became a topic of debate and questioning during his runs for various offices. Koch ran for governor of New York, only to be defeated due to his low support in suburban, more conservative areas; he ran into the same problem during his stint for Presidency (Honan and Michaud 2013). But although Koch seemed to attract controversy because of his carefree progressive mindset, it was what he was able to accomplish and the legacy that he established that made him into the man that he will always be remembered as being.

Topic 3: Gun control, how to protect our children and what can be done in terms of safety

Gun control has become a significant political issue lately. From conservatives who do not want any sort of gun regulation, to liberals who want guns to be made illegal, there still has not been a middle ground on which both extreme parties can agree on in order to fulfill our goal of protecting our children (Simon 2013). On December 14, 2012, a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, killing 6 adults and 20 children -- all while other children and school officials scattered trying to protect themselves from a crazed gunman (CBS News 2012). This unfortunate event has once again started the great debate on gun control and the questioning of whether our children all over the country can be protected against this event if it were to occur once again. The answer however, seems to be more guns.

There needs to be some sort of middle ground on which all parties involved can agree upon. In order to best protect our children, assault rifles should be banned, as the President is now trying to do (Simon 2013); there should be no need for citizens to own military-style assault rifles. If the reasoning behind owning a gun is the fact that we are protecting gun owners' rights, then a simple hand gun or shot gun should be sufficient. Protecting ourselves and our children at home becomes a great priority once one listens to the national and local news media. Reports on mass assassinations are constantly repeated when these unfortunate incidents do occur. News of home breaks-in gone bad are continuously reinforced. After hearing about all of these negative reports, all an individual wants to do… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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