Secretary Went on Vacation Term Paper

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This idea was rejected because it did not fit with the rest of the facts of the case. If the secretary had claimed to be out of town for a funeral, this solution may have been plausible. Another idea was that she may have posted something confidential that was not meant to be posted. This solution was also rejected because it did not fit the rest of the information.

The idea was then thought of that perhaps she took the keys and mailed those back. This led to the final solution. The solution meets all the facts of the case. The keys are an item likely to be taken home inadvertently by a secretary. The fact that she took the keys was not the reason for her sacking. The secretary mailing the keys is critical to the scenario and explains why she was not sacked for taking the keys but sacked on her return.

The steps of this problem-solving approach included:

1. Determine the question.

2. List the facts of the case.

3. Analyze the facts to determine which one might provide the answer.

4. Brainstorm to find solutions that explain why this fact might be relevant.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Secretary Went on Vacation. She Assignment

5. Determine if each of the solutions also meets the other…
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