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Security of DataResearch Paper

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Information Technology

How can a web site distinguish between lack of capacity and a denial-of-service attack? For example, web sites often experience a tremendous increase in volume of traffic right after an advertisement with the site's URL is shown on television during the broadcast of a popular sporting event. That spike in usage is the result of normal access that happens to occur at the same time. How can a site determine that high traffic is reasonable?

The way the traffic can be analyzed is to look at where it is coming from. This can be achieved by carefully examining the different IT addresses. If they are coming from select locations, this more than likely is a denial of service attack. In these situations, the perpetrators wants to overload the bandwidth and cause the website to crash. They are not interested in where it comes from. Instead, they are concerned about overloading it with traffic to shut everything down. (Hayden, 2010) (Sherif, 2009)

However, if the traffic is coming from different IP addresses, it is indicating that these are legitimate visitors. This is because they will click on the link impulsively to find out more information. Each time someone does this, is when they will register a different IP address. If these locations are different (for the most part), this is indicating that the site is experiencing a legitimate increase in traffic from its recent ad campaigns. (Hayden, 2010) (Sherif, 2009)

What are some of the individual rights associated with information privacy? Do expectations of privacy change depending on the individual's environment? If so, how?

Information privacy has number of different rights. The most notable include: how information is collected / utilized / stored, the security of the data and who it will be disclosed to. These areas are something that will grow in significance as technology improves and becomes more readily available. (Rayns, 2012) (Herman, 2002)

The expectations of privacy will change depending upon the environment. This is because certain countries, communities and ethnic groups have different standards. Depending upon the situation, the individual may have more less privacy. At the same time, the various interests and potential threats could supersede how much they are entitled to. For example, America is considered to be a free country that supports of the rule of law. However, if someone is involved in terrorist activities, they will have less privacy because of the scope of the threat. This can vary in different parts of the world, with some nations having more or less restrictions on privacy. (Rayns, 2012) (Herman, 2002)

Why is a firewall a good place to implement a VPN? Why not implement it at the actual server(s) being accessed?

A firewall can be installed virtually. This means that it will protect someone who is at a remote location and receiving their information via the Internet. During the process, of transferring data between the host and the location, there is the potential for someone to access it. A firewall controls the flow of information, by encrypting it and safely securing the data on the server. This prevents hackers from being able to capture and unscramble it. (Rayns, 2012) (Herman, 2002)

If it is implemented at the actual server, there is a realistic probability it will be ineffective. This is because the firewall needs to be in place on the actual device to provide the greatest amounts of protection. Once this occurs, is the point the data can be safely accessed and transferred to someone who is at these locations. (Rayns, 2012) (Herman, 2002)

Assume you operate an Apache-based Linux Web server that hosts your company's e-commerce site. Assume further that there is a worm called "WorminatorX," which exploits a (fictional) buffer overflow bug in the Apache Web server package that can result in a remote root compromise. Construct a simple threat model that describes the risk this represents: assets, vulnerability, attack-vector, attacker(s), likelihood of occurrence, likely impact, and plausible mitigations

This bug appears to be a Trojan horse. In these situations, some kind of spyware has been uploaded to provide access to different areas of a website. It is at this point, when hackers can be able to look at the most sensitive information. The assets are the data and how it can be utilized for illicit purposes. Vulnerability is the loss of customer and employee information. This… [END OF PREVIEW]

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