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The way that the government has handled this problem in the past is to write a broad body of law, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, and then allow court cases to work out the specifics.

To that end, there have been three Acts from which the largest body of cyber-security comes. The first is called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This Act protects people from having their private health information stolen and provides penalties for such acts. The second was the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 which sets standards for financial information security. The final major federal law from which judicial precedent is set is the Homeland Security Act of 2002 which basically fills in the holes of personal security left by the other two. The three laws form a basis for all other federal law that has been adjudicated. State governments have further defined the federal laws by passing such bills as that in California which proclaims that any company which has a security breach must inform the people affected by it.

Hardware to Track Crime

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Another issue that has been noted is that there are a lot of different devices that people are using now to store private information, and if a device is in any way connected to a network it can be hacked. Because devices more and more frequently operate on cloud systems, there is a need to try and secure these types of networks so that people can communicate effectively and without fear of being compromised. The reality is that these types of systems are very difficult to secure due to their very nature and, although new systems are always being devised to help with this problem, there are always going to be risks.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Security an Institution of Higher Assignment

Students invariably carry cell phones of one type or another now, and most have a smart device. The issue here is that because of the power of these devices and the fact that they easily hook up to the internet, they are just as vulnerable as any computer or internet machine. Many different companies offer security software designed specifically for smart phones and they comes in all different grades and designs. Some of them are made by the top PC and Mac security software makers (Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.) but the best rated system is made by Bull Guard. The reason for this is that the company focuses on phone technology, which can be vastly different from PC technology.

Another type of device that combines the mobility of a phone and the power of a computer is the tablet computer. Although they are more a computer and often run the same software security, they are also very mobile and therefore subject to the same dangers as cell phones. The problem with these devices and phones is that people often do not think of them as unsecure, whereas they probably have more security issues than any other type of device. Again, these devices are very popular on college campuses, so they have specific security problems related to that issue.


Cyber-security is a problem that will always be present; there is no way to completely prepare for the attacks that may occur because there are just too many ways to hack a system. Criminals will always find a method for subverting a security system and finding a way to procure information that they are not allowed to have. However, the efforts of the government, state and federal, and cyber-security firms are always providing a means to communicate effectively and relatively securely on the internet.

The special issue of college campuses is one that even the best systems have problems with. The number of users is not an issue, but because there are so many people using so many unsecure devices in conjunction with school property, and the fact that they often do not use basic safety protocols means that there will always be issues. Overriding systems like that designed by Cisco are expensive, but they allow a great deal more security than nothing at all, however institutions rely on students and staff to be secure in their dealings with the internet because this is the best way to maintain security. The law is ever-expanding to meet new threats and individual information protection is a priority, but 100% security is probably not reality.


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