Security Issues Creating a Site Using Trend Research Proposal

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security issues creating a site using trend technologies such as PHP and MySQL

My research proposal is about the security issues creating a site using trend technologies such as PHP and mySQL. My research will expand in what are the security threats using such technologies and what are the solutions that these technologies provide as well as what are their future goals to overcome the security issues.

This paper investigates the various security issues that are involved with the creation of various forms of websites. It the subject matter through a review a variety of literature that is dedicated to the security of data and content that is available or exchanged on websites. Our focus is however concentrated on the use of various forms of trend technologies such as PHP and MySQL.

Summary: This paper utilizes a variety of techniques in the evaluation of the general security threats to which a site is exposed when the various trend technologies are employed in the creation of a site. This is then used to come up with a statistical model that is based on the summation of the good practice techniques available in the market in order to come up with the best and most secure online environment.

Purposes: The purpose of this research paper is to come up with solution that can counter the security threats that are intrinsic to the use of various forms of site building technologies PHP and MySQL. This is in an effort to eliminate the loop-holes associated with the use of the currently available trending technologies.

Definition of terms

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Research Proposal on Security Issues Creating a Site Using Trend Assignment

It is a measurement and not a characteristic. To begin with one has to consider the cost factor involved in the design of a program. Security is moderately inexpensive, however if the needs are demanding, then a more advanced level of security is required and this translates to increased expense. In addition usability has to be taken into account. Although at times necessary, steps taken to increase security decrease usability due to barriers like timeouts, passwords, and access controls. Important as well is the need to take into consideration application design. Failure to account for security in the design of your application may result in security vulnerabilities leading to program malfunction.

An attempt will be made in order to define the different components of computer security


The main aim of Security is to safeguard and organizations assets. It detects breach, prevents damage and retrieves stolen or damaged assets.


Deals with barring unauthorized revelation of information


Deals with unauthorized manipulation of information


Restriction of unauthorized withholding of information or resources


Is the process of verifying a claimed identity.


Is the process of locating a responsible party for information audition

Nonrepudiation as a corollary of accountability, an object cannot deny its part in an event


Restriction of the access to host systems and programmes via communication links


Intended and unintented events that can catastrophically affect an organizations computer system.


When one tries to destroy an asset and make it unusable.


When one tries to gain access to information and therefore break confidentiality.


When one tries to alter with an asset and therefore destroy its integrity.


When one tries to destroy the authenticity

Attacks are a source of threats, and can be divided into two categories.

Passive attacks where the attackers main aim monitor information.

Active attacks which involves the alteration of data.


Any process that is designed to detect, prevent, or recover from a security attack. These mechanisms are thus used to implement the security services and maintain their specific security aspect. Examples of different mechanisms are given below:


These inform the administrators of unauthorized entry or intrusions..


Is in the form of firewalls and prevents unauthorized exchange of information into ant out of the system network.


Enables a system to recuperate, retrieve, or recover after a breakdown or malfunction.

Hacker: A person who unlawfully gains access to a particular computer system/server

Root access

This is a type of hack attack in which the hacker accesses the machine as if he or she is at the machine physically. In case a hacker acquires this level of access he or she all the rights that the server has been granted such as the creation,,modification, reading, deleting of system settings. Normally when a user accesses a computer at this particular level they will plant viruses or create a backdoor passage for the deployment of future and further attacks. The process of gaining root access to a machine opens the doors for use in accessing other parts of the system which include resources such as the database and a web site's source code.

Access to the websites' databases is normally orchestrated through by root access and therefore allows a particular unauthorized user to do all wish and desire. If the goal of a certain hacker is to gain unauthorized access a certain database then the most likely target of that particular database will be the user' private and professional information.

Code access

This type of access allows the hacker to go through the codes also allow them to initiate changes to the database. This is mostly observed in cases where a website has been defaced. This is mostly done by the hacker installing a backdoor for their future escapades. Code access is a simple method through which the hackers to leave their calling card as a show of their accomplishments.

User access levels

These are means that define are how computers determine what users can or cannot do accomplish. They include the creation, modification, viewing or deleting system and data files. These settings are also intended to guide how applications are to function. A web server need the ability to accomplish file reading, editing of database files, and the running various programs that help meet the needs of the users. A web server must be allowed to read only the website files, while comfortably other users denying the privilege to view other system files, and to accomplish the running of specific services which include the PHP pre-processors and the access of database needed to orchestrate various forms of queries.


According to the PHP Documentation Group (), "PHP, which stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Its syntax draws upon C, Java, and Perl, and is easy to learn. The main goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated web pages quickly, but you can do much more with PHP."

PHP is one of the most utilized languages on the internet languages. Web developers employ PHP in order to cut the cost involved in developing a site since PHP is very free and is and open source product that is supported by most operating system.

PHP is a popular, general-purpose scripting language that was originally intended for the purpose of web development with a specific desire to power dynamic web sites. For this reason, PHP code is able to be embedded seamless into the HTML source codes and to be interpreted by a various web servers by means of a PHP processor module, which aids in the generation of the web page document. Being a general-purpose programming language, the PHP codes are processed by means of an interpreter application which uses a command-line mode while performing the desired operating system operations and hence the production of program. PHP may also work as graphical software. It is available as a processor for various contemporary web servers and also as standalone interpreter which runs on most of the operating systems.

PHP was however originally designed by Rasmus Lerdorf (1995) and has therefore been subjected to perpetual development since. The major implementation of PHP is now in production through the authority of the PHP Group which serves as the de facto standard unit in use for PHP since there are no standard and formal specification. The software is free and gets released under the PHP License


"MySQL is the world's most popular Open Source SQL (Structured Query Language) database management system" (Bloch,). The MySQL software is released under a dual-licensing method. This database software too is free and is released under the General Public License (LGPL) .However corporations can purchase a commercial license at lesser amount as compared to its competitors. MySQL database software is quickly becoming a major database as businesses are focused in the direction of the open source markets in an effort to cut costs.


Security of website is one of the most paramount features whose integrity must be assured at all times. A breach of website security can lead to serious privacy and financial implications for both forms and individuals. It is for this reason that the process of planning for a website to the final stages of design and hosting must be approached with utmost care. This… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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