Security Plan Case Study

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Security Plan

The Maryland public safety education and training center deals with firearms training, public safety and education, and drug abuse resistance. The center is located on a 700 acre plot. The center has been divided into two main facilities namely Drivers Training Facility and Firearms Training Facility. The center is located 25 miles away from any residential community in order to prevent crime and promote security. Locating the facility far from residential communities has ensured that there are no unauthorized entries to the center. The firing ranges are located 25 miles from the center to ensure that there is no accidental damage to the property. This also protects people within the center as there is no risk if accidentally been shot. Having bullet traps also prevents any bullets from going astray. The hospital located within the center has security forces that patrol and perform security checks. The security forces respond to any calls made by the hospital staff. The hospital been a mental facility needs the guards to ensure no patients escape or harm the staff.

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The necessity of the center is vital when analyzing and developing a security plan for the center. The center provides mental and physical training, which makes it vital to society. Therefore, the center has to analyze the security measures put in place and develop new methods that can be used to secure the center. The security plan to be presented in this paper there will be an analysis of the center. This will allow for the development of a comprehensive security plan that is suitable for the center. The paper will also provide recommendations that will focus on how the center can create a friendly environment for the people visiting the center and the community living around the center. The security plan will cover physical plan intrusion, property damage, emergency planning, personal security, information/records security, and hiring violations in the training and hiring practices.

TOPIC: Case Study on Security Plan Assignment

Physical plant intrusion

There needs to be adequate measures that are put in place to protect from any physical intrusion of the center. Burglary is the most common type of intrusion that the center is faced with and it is vital to protect against this risk Bender, 2003.

The center has sensitive and highly risky equipment, which need to be secured properly. Securing the center also deters criminals as they know the facility is well protected. Installing closed circuit television cameras will improve the facilities surveillance at all times. CCTV cameras should be installed all round the facility and also inside the center. This way all activities will be monitored, and any breach can be detected or reported. 24-hour surveillance of the center will provide the necessary protection and deter any burglars. When people know that the center has installed CCTV cameras it is unlikely that they will attempt to break into the facility Westby, Privacy, & Committee, 2005.

CCTV cameras are not only suitable during the night when the facility is closed, but also in the daytime. Monitoring the people visiting the facility will also help in detecting or noting any illegal activity.

Installing an alarm system in the main doors and storage areas will also boost and protect the center from physical intrusion Kramer et al., 1978.

The alarm system should be linked to a rapid response team. The team will respond quickly whenever the alarm goes off, which would help in preventing any physical intrusion. During the night when the center is closed, the alarms should be linked to the CCTV cameras to detect any intrusion. In case an intrusion is recorded by the cameras, the alarms will go off, and the response team will be notified immediately. Lack of fencing around the facility also poses a great danger as this makes it easy for burglars or intruders. All the entry and exit points of the facility should be fenced and manned at all times. This will reduce the risk of intrusion in the facility. Marking the entry points to the facility will also ensure that the risk of intrusion is reduced. The facility should also designate public and private entry points, which will be used for entry and exit purposes. All the private entry points will require an entry pass, this way the facility will limit entry in the facility.

The doors and windows at the facility should be reinforced with metal bars and grills. This will prevent unauthorized entry into the facility via windows. The windows should also be fitted with alarms to detect any breakage or forced entry Ortmeier, 2012.

The doors should be fitted with hard to pick locks. This will protect the facility from lock picking burglars. Reinforced doors will also be harder to break and prevent any intrusion. The facilities doors should also have card readers or biometric scanners. This will prevent any unauthorized entry. Alarms on the doors would also improve the overall security of the facility.

Damage to property

Damage to the facilities property will be mainly because of negligence or malice. Property damage could occur within or outside the facility. Within the facility property damage will involve damage to the buildings or the property within the buildings. Outside property damage will consist of transit vehicles. The security plan needs to address any property damage for the center. Theft and vandalism can also be considered as contributors to property damage. The facilities staff should be trained on the need to protect and commit towards fighting any vices that might result to property damage. Limiting access to the facility would be effective in reducing or eliminating any damage to the property. Any equipment or materials that are not in use should always be safely locked. This will reduce exposure to damage or theft.

Repair to faulty machines should be conducted by professionals and in a timely manner. This will reduce the risk to damage and also reduces costs for repairs. Machines or equipment repaired by inexperienced personnel could result to damage and might pose a risk to people who use the equipment. Regular inspections should be carried out on the equipment and the facility. This will ensure the facility is safe and the equipment been used is safe and well serviced Haddow, Bullock, & Coppola, 2010.

Repairs should only be carried out on serviceable equipment. This will reduce the costs of repairs and prevent further breakdown of the equipment. Inspecting the facility regularly to ensure it is safe from theft and vandalism would also promote the overall safety of the facility. The working practices of the personnel should be good, and this needs to be encouraged by the management.

Personal security

All individuals who visit or work within the facility should be provided with personal security. Ensuring the security of the personnel will promote and increase their productivity. Personal security does not just deal with basic protection, but it also includes protection against any injuries or risks they are likely to suffer at the workplace. Protection of their personal belongings is also vital as it ensures the employees can confidently concentrate on their work instead of worrying about the safety of their belongings. Personal security also protects the personnel and visitors from assault by co-workers. The security of the employees should be guaranteed as they are vital for any organization. Losing employees affects the working environment as their tasks need to be reassigned. The materials the employees use in the performance of the work should be standardized and the equipment checked regularly. This ensures the equipment conforms to the safety standards for the facility and the government.

Protecting the employees' personal property would be done by providing individual lockers. Each employee will be allocated a private locker where they can store their personal items and lock. Hospital staffs are required to wear uniforms, and they need a safe place where they can keep their belongings while they are working. Employee assault should not be tolerated in the facility. Any employee reported to have assaulted or mistreated another employee should be punished. Punishment will depend on the laid out policies and could also result in termination of employment. Punishment would also discourage the employee from repeating the offence. Employee records contain sensitive information, which can be misused if stolen. The information should be stored in secure filing cabinets or secure databases. Only authorized personnel should have access to these records and intrusion detection systems should be installed to monitor all activity.

Having regular patrol on the facilities within the center would also boost personal security of the employees and the visitors. The security patrols will ensure no one accesses any prohibited areas and the employees are safe at all times. The patrol guards would also be ready to respond to any incidence that occurs within the facility. Employees of the mental hospital are vulnerable, and their personal security should be ensured at all times.

Information/records security

Sensitive information regarding the facility should be secured all the time. This will promote confidentiality and the integrity of the facility. The facility stores… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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