Security Policy Term Paper

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Security Policy

IT Security Policy

The following security policy defines how strategic it resources and technologies are aligned to supporting organizational objectives and goals. Implicit in this security policy is the need for accountability, transparency and intensive use of reporting and analytics to track performance against objectives, in addition to compliance against industry and regulatory standards. Best practices in IT Security policy management requires the integration of analytics, compliance and reporting requirements within an it security policy and it supporting framework (Hone, Eloff, 2002). The intent of this security policy document is to provide prescriptive guidance to attain and surpass best practices in the areas of network, operational, organizational security, access control, cryptography, and compliance to laws and regulations.

Network Security Policy

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Ensuring protection of all intellectual property and critical information assets including servers and mission-critical systems is the objective of the network security policy. The strategic it security plan of an enterprise must align to the strategic plan, supporting and accelerating key business functions and strategies to ensure their profitable attainment (Banks, 1990). At the center of the network security policy is the need for aligning auditing, analytics, reporting and compliance to specific requirements at the federal, regional and state level (Eloff, 1988). The intent of the network security policy is to combine the best practices in network management, reporting and analytics, and compliance needs into a single, unified strategy that also propels the organization to its objectives with the minimum level of disruption.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Security Policy Assignment

Taking a network security policy from planning and integration to analytics, reporting and compliance to implementation requires the use of advanced technologies that can quickly interpret, classify and block potential threats while streamlining secured traffic. The proposed network security policy seeks to rely on state-of-the-art constraint-based programming techniques and rules engines to ensure the highest levels of reliability and fidelity to organization standards (Hegyi, Maliosz, Ladanyi, Cinkler, 2005). The evolving set of technologies that can be used throughout a network security configuration are increasingly able to "learn" through artificial intelligence which types of activity are valid and which are fraudulent (Burgess, Canright, Engo-Monsen, 2004). The intent of this network security policy is to attain this level of intelligence in the entire network security platform and systems.

Operational Security Policy

With the majority of employees being highly mobile and often at customer locations or traveling to potential prospect accounts, the operational security policy has set mobile access as the highest priority. The benefits of creating a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) security policy also have multiplicative effects throughout the entire enterprise as well.

The variation between Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and IPSec-based protocols has been evaluated as part of this operational security plan and the determination made to standardize on SSL. This will provide our organization with far greater agility and speed of network connectivity without sacrificing security (Cisco Tutorial, 2013). IPSec, while highly secured and targeted to the specific IP address level, is impractical to the speed and transient nature of device usage in our organization. Figure 1 compares IPSec and SSL VPN configurations.

Figure 1: Comparing IPSec and SSL VPN Configurations

Sources: (Cisco Tutorial, 2013)

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Organizational Security

The most critical success factor in the development and deployment of an enterprise-wide it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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