Security Private Security vs. Law Essay

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Security personnel will be unarmed except for unit leaders. All officers remain connected with communications devices that are to remain on at all times. The communication devices are linked to local law enforcement agencies for back-up support if necessary. In case of a natural disaster or terrorist incident, the local law enforcement community will be on hand to provide assistance. Security personnel will, therefore, be expected to fulfill the duties of first responder. We are mandating that at least one security officer per station is trained in emergency response.

Security officers will occasionally need to address fights and altercations among patrons. These fights will be settled swiftly and deftly, by more than one officer assigned to that station. It is critical to monitor the alcohol vendors in the stadium, if there are any. Strict adherence to drinking age laws will be expected of all vendors, and wrist bands given to show who is, and is not, of legal drinking age. The security team will oversee vendors to ensure that alcohol is not given to under-age drinkers.

Personnel will also be on guard for vandalism of public property. This will require a skeleton crew to stand by after the game and monitor the premises. Moreover, security personnel are expected to handle incidents related to pickpocketing, theft, and general harassment. When incidents occur, a formal report will be written. The report may be required at a later date for legal purposes.


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TOPIC: Essay on Security Private Security vs. Law Assignment

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