Security at Workplaces Case Study

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The company should have a well designed procedure for destroying the unwanted records containing information that may pose new challenges if carelessly exposed. The firm should securely destroy or permanently de-identify information that is no longer needed for the allowed purposes for which it may be used or make known to public or unauthorized persons. Staff involved in data entry, should consider retention practices, and subject to other pertinent record-keeping requirements such as those of the manufacturing plants.

On the other hand, the security of hardcopy information and records remains of extreme importance, and should not be an aspect of information security that is frequently neglected. Traditional records management tools such as vital records program and retention scheduling can facilitate the security of hardcopy records. A hardcopy information security program should be an integral part of an overall information security management system, thus ensuring a consistent approach to the protection of all information assets, regardless of format. It is therefore essential for the proper security measures to be put in place to ensure the security of records.

Emergency responses

Emergency planning and responses are needed in the building due to the lack of a genuine emergency and occupational safety and health standards within the firm. Widget Manufacturing Corporation is required to have a formal emergency plan. The company's management is required to support and be committed to the safety of all employees to ensure an effective emergency action plan is put in place (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2004).

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The employees should evaluate and apprehend the plan periodically to be at par with the emergency procedures. This makes the workers aware of the available escape routes and procedures in cases of emergencies. The firm's management should incorporate special procedures to shut down plant operations to minimize the risk exposed to the workers. Immediately after the emergency, the management should account for all employees evacuated and the risks faced during the emergency.

Case Study on Security at Workplaces Is Not Assignment

Emergency training and drills should be carried every six months to gauge the level disaster preparedness among the staff. The company should distribute fire extinguishers within all the departments accessible to the staff and carry out trainings about the usage of the extinguishers in cases of fire outbreaks within the company. Routine maintenance of extinguishers and monthly inspections, hydrostatic testing, and documentation of emergency procedure is necessary to ensure the danger does not get the staff off guard.

Finally, in cases of emergencies, the company should be able to duplicate accounting records, legal documents and employee relatives are to be notified during the emergency. These measures will help reduce the casualties during emergencies such as fire and natural disasters.


Pre-employment screening is advised as necessary hiring practices that can help the firm avoid costly errors. This the first step in guarding against security issues such as workplace violence, theft and other security concerns. This process involves application of psychometric tests, criminal background check as well as drug tests. This is done to examine the background and identity of the personnel being hired (Burke & Schramm, 2004 ).

Performing Background

Background check involves collaborating with the local law enforcement agency in scrutinizing applicant's documentation. In addition, other companies specialize in employment screening. The background check includes scrutiny of Social security number, driver's license. Other records that could be included are Driving records, Vehicle registration, Credit records, Criminal records, Education records and but not limited to Court records. It is important to search social networking websites for the applicant's profile.

Drug Tests

The company can perform drug testing with the premises with the availability of drug testing kits readily available and affordable. This is one way of getting important information about the applicant. Drug users are not protected under any law in the United States and can be terminated based on the drug test results (Mark, 2005). This test is not a medical examination, but a medical inquiry process. There is a close connection between drug use and insecurity issues. According to Deitch, Igor, & Ruiz (1999), there is significant connection between drugs and crime, scientific research show that drugs have a multiplying effect on crime. Therefore, it is imperative that drug test be mandatory in the hiring process for Walter widget


Walter Widget's employees require further trainings before the installation of the new security system. This would prove appropriate for the employees to be aware of potential threats and be on the lookout for suspicious characters that may steal and vandalize property. Training should be carried at least annually whenever new employees are hired to give guidelines on the handling of the introduced security alarm systems and methods of operating them.

Additionally, all workers within the company should be made aware of the details of the emergency action plan, operation of personal alarm systems, and the types of potential emergencies during the training period. In addition, the presence of any flammable material within the plant and toxic chemicals must be laid bare to the employees to minimize the risk of accident occurrence when handing such materials.

Training should show the employees the position of fire extinguishers, the available emergency exists and the points where the security alarm systems are installed. Updated information of the company's policies related to the security procedures should be issued to the employees so they know the proper channels to follow in cases of duress and emergencies.


The installation of security surveillance system within Walter Widget Company is necessary to help reduce the threats of unwarranted access to the premises. The security system is recommended for the company to prevent property damages such as burglary, vandalism and loss of personal and business property. The organizations' management and senior staff members should be able to recognize and respond to the need to protect the workers from security risks. The security system should be able to address the potential threats faced by the company related to theft and unwarranted entry into the premises. The security system is highly recommended for Walter Widget Company due to the ability to track and record the daily activities of the staff and clients.


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