Self-Assessment in a Group Term Paper

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However, they also affect employee morale. When we interview the employees of the company, we can ascertain whether or not the employees are satisfied with their salary, benefit packages, and bonus offerings. When we interview the CEOs, we can determine whether or not their assessment of the financial state of the company is reasonable. We can also ask if their rates of pay and their offerings of benefits and bonuses is conducive to a harmonious work environment.

Also important in our research and evaluation of this company is the relationships between employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. We will determine whether or not employees interact outside the office, and if they do, what the quality of this interaction is. We will also investigate inter-office communications and determine whether or not the company is committed to diversity. We will question the feedback offered from employees to see how the company is received by the people who work there. This will enable us to determine how the CEOs and the employees relate to one another and if the relationships are equitable. Furthermore, our investigation of relationship issues within the company will require us to examine performance appraisals given by different employees.

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Task is the third category we will be investigating. We will examine the direction that the company is taking and determine whether or not the company has set reasonable task-oriented goals. As a group, we will have to determine whether what the company is doing is productive. Moreover, we will have to ascertain what in specific the CEOs have in mind as far as the long-term goals of the company are. Throughout this part of the research project, we will investigate the clients of the company and measure its approach toward its clients. For this part of the research project, I did manage to ask some questions because I did not fully understand some of the items we were investigating. Therefore, I am making improvements in my ability to speak up at meetings. Still, this is my main weakness and I hope that during the course of our group project that I am able to participate more.

Term Paper on Self-Assessment in a Group Recent Assignment

Also because of my shyness, I basically agreed to these guidelines of the research assignment without offering objection. However, I did not have any objection because I believed that these were reasonable questions and approaches. When I felt it was necessary, I nodded or otherwise offered my support, or if I disagreed, I tried to show it through my support for other people who disagreed. Little by little I am making breakthroughs in the group meetings. For instance, at one meeting, someone asked me directly what I thought about a certain issue and I was at least able to say that I did like the idea. In the future, I will be able to participate more in the decision-making process as I gain confidence in the group setting. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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