Self-Aware of Their Eating Habits Research Paper

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From this point-of-view, there can be little concern regarding moral issues in the use of animals to help people, if proper attention and care is given to the needs of the animals as well.

3. Bonobos through their way of behaving, walking, and mostly understanding human language, do resemble to human behavior. Although there are still a lot of studies to be concluded to actually consider them as being the ancestors of human evolution, it is important to view the way in which these animals can exercise their learning capacities and how they can evolve. At the same time, it represents an exercise for the human mind as well because it allows humans to better interact with perhaps the most resembling to human kind animal.

4. Sexual evolution is essential for every primate because it represents the connection between past generations and future ones. It is in the nature of every animal and human to reproduce on a natural way. This is largely because the sexual reproduction depends on a variety of aspects that attract mates and pairs. For most animal species, the reproduction depends on finding the mate with the best characteristics particularly because of the need to reproduce as best as possible and to transmit the best genes to the next generations.

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5. Tumai, as the Skull was named, is possible to have been a biped and represent indeed the link between the animal and the human species. The evidence presented by the scientists are sufficiently compelling to lead to such a conclusion, from the shape of the skull to the teeth that proved certain eating habits to the shape of his eyes that determined a vertical position of the head in order to look straight.

Research Paper on Self-Aware of Their Eating Habits. Assignment

6. The scientific community is rather united because all information appears throughout the world and information must be shared for the advancement of science of human kind. This is why when a discovery is made it is shared among all scientists and the knowledge of all of them contributes to evolutionist theories. The advancement of science can only be done through communication and sharing of knowledge.

7. Cloning is a rather debated subject from both a moral and ethical perspective. However advanced science is at this point and will continue to evolve in time, it should be limited to its benefic effects on human kind and not interfere with the natural way of civilization. Should cloning be accepted for medical reasons, such exercises may become uncontrollable and negative effects of science may eventually end up harming civilization rather than helping it.

8. This has been a very interesting course that helps in providing a more complex view of the past and ancient times of human kind. It enables the accumulation of information about human ancestors as well as geographical conditions in order to better understand where people are coming from. Also, through the information acquired in this course, there is a clearer understanding of the tremendous evolution human kind has made along the millions of years. It gives a sense of dimension and at the same time of consideration of the world as not only a place inhabited by people but… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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