Self-Concept Individual Project Term Paper

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Self-Concept Individual Project

How do you see the role of the nurse? Discuss functions of nursing and how it differs from the role of the physician?

Nurses are responsible for the health and management of the patients. They are trained to be the working partners of physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, physiotherapists, midwifes, and all other professions whose main role is to facilitate medical practices to those who require it. Needless to say, the roles of the registered nurses in man's healthcare are significant such that they are equipped with sufficient knowledge in the general health care practice - be it in the hospitals or any other healthcare facilities.

The roles of the nurses are way different from the roles of the physicians. The physicians - however skillful they may be in handling the patients - are limited to several cases which they are trained upon. This is the very reason why physicians are categorized according to GPs, Pediatricians, Obstetricians, Surgeons, EENTs, etc. Each type pf physician has its own function and specialty. Meanwhile, if one becomes a registered nurse, he/she has already the capacity to handle and work with every category of physicians or with every type of patients.

2.What skills do you already have which will be useful to you as a nurse? Examples might include your assessment skills, your knowledge of medicine, and/or a foreign language.

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Could your skills as a physician hinder your role as a nurse? If so, how?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Self-Concept Individual Project Assignment

To become a licensed physician, one has to take at least 8 years of studying related to medicine as compared to the 4-year course of nursing degree. This means that physicians have more and in-depth understanding of the healthcare and medical practice. Hence, if one physician would aspire to study and practice as a nurse, his/her level of understanding about the different types of illnesses, medical procedures, and even the types of treatments or medicines that the patients might require will pay a detrimental role in successfully practicing as a nurse.

There might be one little consideration that may affect the physician-turned-nurse effective practice and this is in reference to working with all the types of physicians. Because he/she have the knowledge which is at par with the knowledge of the physicians he/she will be working with, he/she might try to input some knowledge or information with regards to the patients, even if the physician is not asking for that. This will result to miscommunication and/or misunderstanding between the physician and the nurse (who have once practiced as a physician him/herself).

3. What knowledge do you have that might enhance yourself as a nurse?

In lieu of the answers in question # 2, if the physician-turned-nurse (like me) can manage and control him/herself and will know what is only expected of him/her, this minor problem will be prevented. My knowledge of what is expected from the physicians vs. what the physicians expect from the nurses will surely enhance my future role as a nurse. Moreover, my knowledge of dealing with the people such as the patients and my co-workers will also be beneficial in the overall nursing practice.

4. How does your view of the world (attitudes, beliefs, biases, etc.) influence your style as a nurse? How have your past experiences made you more or less tolerant of differences, more or less empathetic and/or understanding?

As a physician who is aspiring to practice as a registered nurse, healthcare management will always be my main concern. It cannot be denied that I am very much inclined to medicine, sciences and human health, proof to this is my diligence in studying (taking up the 8 plus years of medicine and now another years to become a licensed nurse). I would like to believe that everyone is fair when it comes to accessing any form medical services. Hence, I as a nurse (and through my knowledge and experience as a physician before), can serve effectively and affectively in the pursuit of providing better and fair healthcare service. This views, perceptions and knowledge will also make more empathic and/or understanding with every task and patients I will be handling with, once I become a full pledged and registered nurse.

5. Discuss your role as a physician and describe one situation where you used skills other than medical skills to help your patient or describe the patient that you cared for the most. How did you help that patient? What strategies were most effective in helping that patient physically or psychologically?

The physician's role is to ensure that the patient received the right kind of treatment, in the right manner and in the most appropriate time. There are illnesses which would not only require specific medicine (as prescribed by the physician) but also some form of behavioral change. Like for example the case I once handled regarding one patient who is diagnosed with lung problems. I prescribed this patient with specific medicines for his ailment. However, he was also required to stop smoking or do some morning exercises to strengthen his lungs. With the prescribed behavioral change, I already expected that that this patient will be resistant to the required change. At first, this patient was hesitant to quit smoking. However, I also understand that I, as the physician, have the responsibility to make the patient understand why it is necessary for him to initiate such behavioral change. I have to make the patient understand that it will be for his own good, and that I am only trying to make everything possible for his immediate recovery. I tried to empathize with his physical capacity as well as his psychological strengths by talking about his family and his desire to work again. This prompted him to follow my advices.

6. Describe one situation in which you worked professionally with a nurse. What was the role of the nurse in the situation? What were the roles of other health professionals?

As a physician, I always work with a nurse. It is my nurse who first deal with the patients by taking the blood pressure, and other physical exams. It is also my nurse's task to check and maintain the medical records of every patient that we handle. Hence, I rely on my nurse in successfully handling every patient's medical needs.

7. What are your future goals in nursing? How do you see the completion of the BSN in attaining your goals?

Nursing involves not only the technical aspect of healthcare since it at the same time involves critical analysis and management for situations that requires urgent decision-making. These situations may be too critical for the patients as much as it is critical for the healthcare practitioners - that includes the registered nurses. This is exactly how I see myself in the future. With my interest in medicine, sciences and human health, combined with the knowledge I have gained in my practice as a physician, I would want to work more closely with the patients in a more personalized and professional approach.

Specialized courses offered with BSN are significant in the growing complexities concerning the healthcare industry. Nursing services are becoming more flexible as well as the needs of the patients have become more conventional. Home care and other related situations that involve community nursing services are studied under BSN thus making it more appropriate for me and my personal goals related to healthcare services.

8. After reading about and discussing nursing theory as developed by nursing theorists discuss your own personal definitions of:

a. Human

Every human being is unique. Each one has his own health and physical strengths in the same way that each one has his own medical requirements and/or needs. Because of this, every human being must be dealt with closely - looking deeper into the physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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