Term Paper: Self-Directed Assessment Self-Assessment Research Finding

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[. . .] The internet has revolutionized the administrative aspect of the SDS. For the past 20 years counselors have used computer-based career information systems to assist clients with career planning and job hunting. But much of the process of administering the tests involved mailing, or faxing the surveys to a head office, and then waiting for the results to return. Much of the same this information is now available on the Internet and can be accessed without the aid of a counselor. Such developments are likely to have a major impact on employment counseling practices.

Over the past 20 years, the use of computer-assisted career guidance and information systems has dramatically increased (Harris-Bowlsbey, 1995). There has also been a major growth in the adult learner's interest in returning to education, exploring career changes, and pursuing new options. These adults need current career information and assistance, but do not have the access to trained professionals such as college staff professionals. Their source is computer-based career counseling programs and career services offered on the Internet (Chapman & DiBianco, 1996)

Although some counselors fear that the availability of many new high quality online career services may decrease the need for employment counselors, personal counseling is likely to remain an important element in helping the client to obtain maximum benefit from the basic reports which can now be accessed via use of computer systems.

Conclusion and Client Evaluation.

According to Wendy's SDS, her summary code is SCE, with related scored of S=38, C=24, and E=21. By drawing a line through the corners, and creating an axis which separates Wendy's attributes from the rest of the graph, she will be happiest, and most suited for a career which works with people, and data. Because her highest score is the conventional, she is most comfortable in a career with places high value on accuracy, honesty, and persistence. She has a high attention to detail. This score quite often enjoys working with things, numbers, and machines, but Wendy's other high scores are in the area social and enterprising sectors, which means she wants to work with people, and places high regard on treating others with fairness, understanding and empathy. She enjoys a field which interacts with people, and therefore would be unhappy in a career which dealt strictly with things, numbers and precise standards. Her third strong sector was enterprising, which means sandy is well suited to address personal risk as part of her profession, and careers such as judge, lawyer of project director are well suited for her talents. She places a high regard for a career that values success, and she is ambitious, extroverted, and self-confident.

In light of these results, Wendy seems to be pursuing a career path which will match her emotional needs and psychodynamic desires. The SDS has not created her desire to pursue this path. As with any career or personality profile, the report should not be treated like a 'to do list' dictating the clients decisions. The SDS report should validate the client's desires, and help them find the confidence to pursue the desires that already linger in their mind and heart.

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