Self-Esteem in Children Thesis

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Self-Esteem in Children

I am interested in studying self-esteem in children.

I am interested in this topic because self-esteem appears to have an effect on so many facets of a child's life. With an increasing overweight and obese population, violence in schools, and other societal problems, low self-esteem may be at the center. I would like to see if improving a child's self-esteem really does have a positive effect on other problems.

Diamantopoulou, S., Rydell, a., & Henricsson, L. (Aug 2008). Can both low and high self-esteem be related to aggression in children? Social Development, 17(3), 682-698.

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Thesis on Self-Esteem in Children Assignment

This study examined the opposing hypotheses that either low or exaggerated but disputed self-esteem is related to aggression in 652-12-year-old schoolchildren. Children provided peer nominations of social acceptance and of physical aggression, self-ratings of global self-worth and of social satisfaction. Teachers rated aggressive behavior and internalizing problems. Exaggerated but disputed self-esteem was conceptualized as discrepancies between self and peer evaluations of social satisfaction and of social acceptance, respectively, in combination with peer rejection. The main results showed that both low levels of global self-worth and exaggerated but disputed self-esteem were related to aggression. The findings indicated that, depending on how self-esteem is conceptualized, aggressive children may appear to have both a low and a high self-esteem. Regarding gender differences, exaggerated self-esteem was more… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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