Self-Esteem Innumerable Variables Impact Research Essay

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Innumerable variables impact research on self-esteem among pre-adolescents. The primary problem is a definition of terms. Self-esteem may manifest differently in different individuals. Some may express self-esteem via their behavior rather than verbally, rendering surveys less reliable than observations. In other cases, the reverse may be true. Whether or not to rely on self-report data also presents problems for researchers seeking to test self-esteem hypotheses among a pre-teen population. While it is important to gather quantifiable data, it is also important to include qualitative measures. Therefore, finding comparable samples from available subjects is difficult at the level of basic research methods.

Finding comparable samples from available subjects can also be problematic due to sample size, sample diversity, and the corresponding generalizability of the data. Large sample sizes make it easier to generalize data but more difficult to conduct the actual study. Sample diversity should be maintained but again, a large sample size may not be cost-effective. Moreover, a larger sample size would reduce the possibility for meaningful qualitative data. Larger samples require more easily measurable data such as quantifiable survey instruments. These survey instruments provide hard numbers but may not allow meaningful comparisons between subjects from different backgrounds.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Self-Esteem Innumerable Variables Impact Research on Self-Esteem Assignment

The most important challenge to finding comparable samples from available subjects is diversity. Just as each individual exhibits self-esteem differently, culture, gender and family structure will also impact self-esteem measures. Moreover, self-esteem may be manifest differently among different cultures. Some cultures encourage brash individualism and the purposeful display of self-esteem, whereas… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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