Self-Organizational Model of Leadership Term Paper

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By being like Martha, who made more of herself, one can look to her both as a leader and a model for one's own success.

Likewise, Oprah Winfrey's openness about her struggles with weight and race, and her openness and empathy to the struggles of others enabled her, by making the most of herself (in figurative rather than literal terms), to create an empire in white corporate America. She allowed others to buy into her ideal that by empowering and actualizing the self, by consuming Oprah talk shows and O. magazine, one could enjoy the same success as the founder in one's own life. Thus, the self-organizational model of leadership enables those who model themselves as successful, particularly those of marginalized gender, social and racial status, or difficult and hard scrabble backgrounds, to use themselves as a commodity or model, and to use their biography as a modality or case study in leadership.

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Kauffman, S. (1995). At home in the universe: The search for laws of self-organization and complexity. New York: Oxford University Press. Retrievable on the web at
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