Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

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Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors Into Customers

American Used Cars

Finding and Filling Used Car Buyers' Needs

Personal and Private, yet, Public Sales' Persuasions

Difficult, yet Simple Significant Details

Today and Tomorrow's Timeless Truths

Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors into Customers," depicts the title for this MBA project and embodies the hypothesis: While deeming potential used car buyers to be hesitant "one chance customers," when a seller gains insight into buyers' habits, he/she enhances understanding of a customer which amplifies positive customer engagement, and in turn, increases the likelihood that a showroom visitor will become a satisfied customer.

Components contributing to and/or influencing customers' general buying habits, as well as, customers' specific car buying behaviors are explored. In addition, the problem related to selling at sales' points is examined in this study, along with other factors related to buying used cars. One significant aim from this study is that information which was retrieved, evaluated and presented may prove helpful for sellers of American used cars, to enhance their customer cultivation skills.

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Along with completing relevant research from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers, information from Web sites was accumulated and analyzed for determinations to confirm or counter this study's hypothesis. Conclusions culminating from this study, as expected, supported and confirmed this researcher's hypothesis.

Chapter I: Introduction

American Used Cars

Remember the waterfront shack with the sign FRESH FISH SOLD HERE.

Of course it's fresh, we're on the ocean.

Of course it's for sale, we're not giving it away.

Of course it's here, otherwise the sign would be someplace else.

The final sign: FISH." (Noonan, 1996)

Term Paper on Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: Assignment

Exploding," although some individuals claim that American products, including used cars are not selling in Saudi countries, this poignant word is used by some to describe the current automobile market in Saudi Arabia, reportedly the largest in the Middle East to be positive.

This double-edged term could also be used to describe the sale of American used cars in Saudi Arabia. "The United States and Germany lead in used cars sales to Saudi Arabia, with Japan also having a significant share. GM, Ford, and Chrysler's Jeep brands are among the most popular vehicles in Saudi Arabia." ("AUTO PARTS...," 2006) "Exploding" could also be used to reflect two more contemporary scenarios in Saudi Arabia - the accident rate and Saudi caustic driving style. Along with the accident rate in Saudi Arabia, reportedly as one of the highest in the world, aggressive Saudi driving style is noted to lead to excessive wear and tear on automobiles and consequently, the need for the subject explored in this dissertation - used American cars. (Ibid)

Aims and Objectives

The aim for: "Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors into Customers," is to determine reasons used car buyers are hesitant to become bona fide customers.


Identify components contributing to customers' considerations relating to completing a sale.

As prospective customers daily visit automotive dealers' showrooms, furniture stores and warehouses, restaurants, computer and electronic merchandisers, it becomes obvious that some individuals visit a business once and then "disappear" without ever becoming a customer. Such persons seem hesitant to commit to making a purchase and/or are not yet ready to buy a product.

By understanding the reasons for customers' hesitation at sales points and discovering how to better utilize the valuable opportunity a one-chance visit allots toward generating a sale now or in future, futures sales are more likely to be consummated, either with the same prospective customer or indirectly from some other individual.. For this study's purpose, numerous relative theories, as well as components of sales and other significant factors contributing to the understanding and expansion of this subject will be researched.


Review relevant information literature related to used car buyer's wants and needs, and habits.

When a seller gains insight into "one chance customers'" habits, he/she will enhance his/her understanding of a showroom visitor, and in turn, amplify positive customer engagement, which will fortify the likelihood a seller will transform a showroom visitor will be transformed into a satisfied customer.


Assess compiled research, along with interview results to determine if study concurs with hypothesis.

This problem for this study could conceivably be related more to the components of selling at sales points than to the criteria of selling to customers in specific locations. When a customer's address/location and contact numbers are known, even if he/she did not initially complete a purchase, sales staff would have the opportunity to later retry again, and then again at another time to sell their product to this customer, utilizing various promotions or different salespersons. It is extremely difficult, however, to retry making a sale, when an individual visits a business' sales point once; never to return; without leaving any specific contact information.

Background and Overview:

This researcher's current interest in cultivating used car customers began during two years work as Deputy General Manager in Al-Bayan Motors in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a company specializing in the sale of American used cars (e.g. Ford, Caprice, GMC, etc.). As future plans include managing sales for a reputable car dealership, determining factors of how to best overcome prospective buyers' reservations that, at times, may counter or abort sales, along with discovering ways to best utilize valuable sales opportunities presented during visits to automobile showrooms were two outcomes expected to be gained from this research. The hypothesis, While deeming potential used car buyers to be hesitant "one chance customers," when a seller gains insight into buyers' habits, he/she enhances understanding of a customer which amplifies positive customer engagement, and in turn, increases the likelihood that a showroom visitor will become a satisfied customer," was expected to be ultimately confirmed by this research.

Exploding from this study, this researcher expects, will be a clear, yet complicated comprehension of customers' customs contributing to customers changing from one chance opportunities to conscientious, contented customers.

Chapter II: Literature Review

Finding and Filling Used Car Buyers' Needs

Find a Need... And Fill It."

Anonymous Author)

Identifying a potential customer's needs and wants is vital to turning a showroom visitor into a used car buyer. For a seller of American used cars in Saudi Arabia, it's also vital to know what competing used car dealers currently offer. Another "need to know" for the seller in the process of securing a used car customer, is how his/her vehicle fits the potential customer's needs better than the competitors'.

A used car seller also needs to identify a potential customer's economic status, as a used car's affordability can make or break a used car sale. After this information is obtained, the next step is to formulate plans and actions to create a satisfied customer. (Sheth & Kellstadt, 2005) The best way any seller maintains a competitive edge is retaining customers. Some researchers contend that it.".. costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain one." (Ibid)

Customers invest effort and time when searching to select a used car dealer, just as sellers invest time to secure customers. "Word of mouth" communication, the report a customer verbalizes to his/her family and friends is one particularly, potent "tool" regularly used to gain new customers. A seller does not have to invest substantial funds, market his product, or invest special sales' resources, as the customer. The way a customer perceives the seller, however, determines whether "word of mouth" communication will prove to be positive of negative.

Research indicates that satisfied customers talk to three other customers; while dissatisfied ones talk to seven others." (Ibid) Customers, considered unbiased sources, are deemed to be credible information sources. Positive word of mouth communications prove particularly vital when the product, as a used car constitutes a financial risk.

Domain of Customer Behavior

Sheth, Jagdish N. & Charles H. Kellstadt (2005) define customer behavior, as.".. The mental and physical activities undertaken by household and business customers that result in decisions and actions to pay for, purchase and use products and services." In addition to a person who qualifies as actual purchaser (buyer), Sheth and Kellstadt (Ibid) contend that along with "payers," a definition of "customer" also includes users as customers. Studying customer behavior proves beneficial for individuals who sell used cars, as when understanding in this realm increases, more positive sales experiences are likely to follow. "Peter Drucker, a leading management advisor, states that the purpose of business is to create and then retain satisfied customers. Although firms have to make money, Drucker believes that making money is a necessity, not a purpose. As an analogy, all humans have to eat to survive, but eating is not the purpose. Therefore, businesses must study customer behavior in order to understand them, and to satisfy their needs and wants." (Ibid)

Satisfied customers not only buy again from the same dealer, they tell friends and family members about their "deal."

If the customer considered his purchase to be positive, his/her comments will likely induce these individuals to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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