Seminar in Conflict Resolution Term Paper

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¶ … Conflict Resolution and their Application

The Manchester school of thought in conflict resolution emphasizes four basic premises of conflict resolution. These four premises are absolutely key in understanding techniques and situations in which conflict resolution skills and theories can and should be used.

The first premise lies in social problems. The students of the Manchester school studied conflict resolution patterns in British Central Africa. The problems in the area resulted from colonialism, and the social problems premise is grounded in the patterns of recovering from and progressing from colonialism: post-colonialism, if you will.

The theory behind the social problems premise is that conflict maintains the stability of a system through establishment and re-establishment of cross-cutting ties among social actors. These cross-cutting ties established a situation in which people formed a variety of allegiances with others that often transcended the different cleavages of the system.

In other words, conflict makes strange bedfellows, and conflict resolution must take that as a given in order to succeed. More precisely, conflict maintains the repetitive creation and destruction of ties ultimately resulting in a situation of social cohesion.

This must be applied to any further study of conflict resolution in that we must understand that conflicts are anything but static; rather, they change with the alliances that people make, and people who are on one side of a conflict one day, may be on entirely the other side a few days later.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Seminar in Conflict Resolution Assignment

The second premise is processes of articulation. This means, who is doing the talking in the conflict? As in, the resolution of the conflict depends not only on viewpoints and migration of viewpoints, but of the point of articulation. How much power does the person have who is attempting to resolve the conflict? As in, at what level… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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