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[. . .] (Bougle, 1992) Similarly some became landlords or businessmen, again a Vaisya occupation. The Brahmins also accepted lower castes that became rich as marriage partners. An example is the Nair women of Kerala who were rich and owners of property due to the matrilineal system they followed. Thus it is clear that the original Varna system was only a system to keep order in the system by assigning certain occupations to certain varnas have failed in the purpose, but that does not alter the objective of the system.

Now let us look at the present day United States that has a 3-class system. The first of these classes is the dependent class with a few sub-classes within it. These people are dependent on the Government help and support. They are manipulative and demanding and do not think about the future. They do not bother about the consequences of the action they take. They are "arrogantly and militantly irresponsible with little social or personal conscience or degree of introspection." (Kocher, 1999) Their philosophy is being street smart and saying that they are psychologically pre-destined to do whatever they are doing anyway.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Separation of the Society Into Assignment

The second class in America are the producer class, who work seriously from day-to-day and build the small and medium businesses that provide the jobs to the millions of Americans. The last group of people is the conflict managing class. They pit the producing class against the dependent class and use the fight to survive. They provide the rational for the dependent class to keep on being dependent. Since they have a large number of people in their hold, the producers also must keep them happy and depend on their senses so that the conflict does not destroy the entire society. Some say this class has neither conscience nor sense. Well I do not really know whether this analysis of the American class system is right or wrong, but it can be easily seen that this is based on assigning certain jobs to certain groups of people. In that sense it is another sort of a caste system based on separating the society into different groups based on occupation. Today, the occupations are not so clear and that is why the pre-occupations have been taken up instead of occupations.


Social stratification is in itself useless. Men cannot be divided and each man will live up to his own personal potential, irrespective of what caste or class one tries to put him in.


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