Term Paper: September 11 on the Muslim

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[. . .] This ensures that no meaning will be significantly changed through second hand recording.

It appears that the most authentic answers can be sought from individuals who are willing to attend regular congregational prayers. This is because of the fact that it indicates that these individuals are not afraid to illustrate their love for their religion. It also goes to show that they would be the best source of information regarding what their duties are in Islam. Since they are the ones who practice the faith regularly they are most likely to give accurate answers. They would also most likely be the most outspoken as far as proclaiming their intensions, which would further reveal whether or not they hold any grudges against non-Muslim citizens in the country.

Variables that need to be considered include immigration status (refugee, immigrant, citizen), gender, ethnicity, education, income, age and occupation. These are definitely significant because of the fact that it influences one's social action. They are also extremely important because of the fact that they may play significant role in the types of answers achieved through the following survey.

The following questions were implemented to survey the experiences Muslims in Canada:

Q.1 Were you born in Canada?

Q.2 Are you working in Canada?

Q.3 Are you a student in Canada?

Q.4 Are you a citizen of Canada?

Q.5 Have you ever been discriminated against in anyway because of the way you look or because of your religion?

Q.6 Do you feel that you are free?

Q.7 Do you think that you can live the rest of your life in Canada peacefully?

Q.8 Would you like to live in this society for the rest of your life if the system was more democratic?

Q.9 Do you miss having more Muslims around you?

Q.10 Do you and how often do you try to convince others with your faith?

Individuals AE























According to the data collected in the above questionnaire it could be asserted that the answers are ones that reveal the way that Muslim individuals feel about living in Canada. Amidst several other notes that can be made from this questionnaire, it must be said that the most significant finding in it is the percentage of those who have faced discrimination of any kind regarding their religion. Out of the 10 individuals in this study, 4 of them faced discrimination, which is quite high. As this data may not reveal accurate information it still serves as a preliminary document. One may get an idea from this study that discrimination isn't something that is only spoken about, but is in fact real. The percentage of Muslims living in Canada, who have faced or continue to face discrimination, can only be revealed more accurately through detailed studies.

Another thing that goes against this study is that participant observation cannot be obtained. Even though the data has been obtained from the subjects directly, the most authentic information is achieved through participant observation. The experience of discrimination is one that can only be understand and explained thoroughly through going through the ordeal by one's self.

Yet another setback to this study is that the details of the subjects' backgrounds are not known. The questionnaire does reveal whether the individual is a student or a working member or not, but it does not go into further details, such as the nature of one's job. Also, gender is another major factor that cannot be determined if a third person wishes to use this survey. However, the survey does aid in understanding from a general perspective, the way that Muslims feel when they are discriminated against. It also provides how the wishes of people change after they experience discrimination in a particular region. This is exemplified by the way that some individuals have conflicting views over wanting to continue living in Canada. The change that has been demonstrated in democratic principles in Canada has been a major influence in the way that Muslims think of Canada today. Indeed, marginalization has occurred, but to what degree it has occurred is difficult to say. The study above reveals that about 40% of Muslim individuals have faced discrimination, but perhaps this study has overestimated or underestimated reality.

With marginalization having occurred, Canada appears to have lost the sheen and luster that its democratic system had in the past. Muslims from the East often traveled there to live better lives due to the fact that the society is multicultural. Never before had they faced discrimination here, and before the terrorist attacks on the WTC took place in 2001 life was peaceful there.

After September 11, Canadian society has taken on a very different look. Muslims are afraid of the way that they might be treated, and have to think twice about what they do and where they go. The non-Muslims on the other hand are more aware of Muslims around them, believing that anyone of them is capable of launching attacks at them. This is largely due to the media hype, which has created a panic, and has resulted in marginalization of Muslims from the rest of the society.


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