September 11th and Transportation Law Research Paper

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R. 3110, 2001). Written hastily in the collective rush to respond to 9/11's devastation, the Transportation Security Enhancement Act of 2001 failed to unite both Democrats and Republicans on certain critical provisions, including the mandate that all checked baggage be screened for explosive devices within one month of passage. While both American citizens and aviation companies like American Airlines were united in their desire to shore up security within the transportation industry, the fact that this bill was voted down pointed to the growing divide between balancing security and privacy concerns.

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Members of both parties within the House of Representatives and the Senate eventually shepherded The Aviation and Transportation Security Act through Congressional passage, as the overwhelming urgency of America's precarious security situation demanded federal action be taken. This new law established the Bush Administration's publically desired Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a new government agency which would "(1) be responsible for day-to-day Federal security screening operations for passenger air transportation and intrastate air transportation (2) develop standards for the hiring and retention of security screening personnel; (3) train and test security screening personnel; and (4) be responsible for hiring and training personnel to provide security screening at all airports in the United States ("Public law 107 -- 71 -- nov.," 2001). With a month's time to haggle over the detailed language of the bill, both houses of Congress were able to reach a consensus, and The Aviation and Transportation Security Act represents a compromised position between imposing massive regulation on the aviation industry and stripping it of the responsibility to screen and secure flights.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on September 11th and Transportation Law Assignment

107th United States Congress, (2001). Public law 107 -- 71 -- nov. 19, 2001: The aviation and transportation security act. Retrieved June 25… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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