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Having looked at servant leadership and what it is about we can now examine if it is compatible with other philosophies or leadership theories. I agree with the statement that despite the fact that servant leadership is associated with the Bible and Jesus Christ it is equally in agreement with several other faiths as well as philosophical theories and leadership theories. Early leadership theories focused mainly on the qualities that set apart leaders from their followers with subsequent theories looking at variables like situational factors and levels of skills. The participative theory is an example of a theory that is compatible with servant leadership according to Greenleaf. Participative theories suggest that an ideal leadership style is one that takes seriously the input of other people participative leaders encourage the contributions and participation from other group members hence help them feel more relevant and committed when it comes to the process of making decisions. This is not different from how servant leaders let their followers participate in making decisions. Servant leadership is also compared to transformational leadership by James Macgregor Burns. Like servant leadership, transformational leadership has become very popular due to its emphasis on extraordinary leaders characteristics as well as its humanistic valuation of the followers. Transformational and servant-leadership theories are rooted in the charismatic leadership framework. Both theories share the focus of charismatic leadership model which is leadership behavior and qualities (Wallace, 2007).

Term Paper on Servant Leadership Even Though Servant Assignment

When looking at worldviews of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism we can say undoubtedly that these views are compatible with servant leadership in factors like nature and exemplars of leadership, the core vision, basis for moral leadership, the source of wisdom for the leaders, levels of being and finally the role played by the community. This therefore implies that the aspect of servant leadership is present and uniform in all these religions .it means that believers and followers of the religion practice servant leadership as their religion requires (Wallace, 2007).

There are various attributes and capacities of servant leadership which have been discussed above as the characteristics of servant leaders. I will look at are listening as an attribute I have seen someone demonstrate. As we know communication is very important in all areas of our lives. Servant leaders listen to their follower's views and use them in making decisions in the organization. There was a need for coming up with a marketing strategy for a new product that was being introduced in an organization. The marketing manager sat down with his team members and asked them to give their suggestions on how they would carry out marketing of this new product. He listened attentively to the suggestions that were made by the team members after which he sat down and critically analyzed these suggestions. He made a decision based on the suggestions he was given by these team members. This helped in that he came up with a very good marketing strategy as evidenced by how easily the product penetrated into the market.

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are important when it comes to modeling the characteristics of servant leadership. Self-awareness enables an individual to know what they want and want to achieve as a leader hence resulting to the development of awareness, foresight and conceptualization. Emotional intelligence enables an individual to foster healing, empathy and even listening skills when they are dealing with the followers.


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