Servant Leadership Fundamentals Term Paper

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Servant Leadership

Fundamentals of Servant Leadership in a Collegiate Environment

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At first glance the term servant-leader appears confusing. Many ask how a leader can also be a servant, yet in today's global economy the need is greater than ever for managers to choose first to serve their subordinates and in the process make them stronger contributors. Servant leadership places the development and growth of subordinates and the broader organization over and above the leaders' opportunities for personal gain and self-promotion. A servant leader realizes that the true effectiveness of any manager is in giving each subordinate the guidance necessary to achieve their total potential and contribute both to the organizations' goals and also attain their personal goals at the same time. A servant leader puts these developmental goals and objectives for each subordinate above their own, choosing first to serve and grow others they are responsible for. In this sense, a servant leader is also a steward, or a person who looks out for the welfare of all those they are responsible for over their own self ambitions. The ultimate goal of the servant leader is to guide, develop, nurture and provide the necessary foundations of support for each subordinate so they can attain their potentials while at the same time growing in the responsibilities of their jobs. This highly developmental nature of servant leaders is the most effective when these unique leaders look for the intersection of a jobs' needs and the innate abilities of the people working for them to excel at those specific tasks. An example would be when a servant-leader sees that one subordinate is excellent at managing customer complaints and then specifically aligns their jobs to excel in that role.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Servant Leadership Fundamentals of Servant Leadership in Assignment

Servant leaders are critical for the growth of educational institutions, because by definition any educational institution is focused on the development of students and in providing assistance in getting them to their educational goals. Servant leaders in organizations realize that ongoing education and learning is critical, just as it is within educational institutions, to allow subordinates to find out what their true strengths are. While many pragmatically-mind administrators in college and universities state that the only reason to get an advanced education is to get a job, it's actually more than that to a servant leader. it's critical to go through any college or university and learn how to earn and compete globally, yet it's also critical to find out what ones' core strengths are, those areas of greatest talent. A truly developmental leader in any college or university… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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