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[. . .] If the person starting the business wants to work in the north, so they will have cool summer, that is their choice. If they would rather move to the east or to the south, to be closer to families or for general preference, they can do that as well.

The only main concern a person would have when picking a location would be the size of the town and the amount of money a town has. If the town is very small, then there would not be as many people that would have a need for a tree company, and there would not be as much money to go around. If the town were large, it would be much more feasible to place the business there. However, if the person starting the business did not want to live in a big city or town, then they could do some research to find a small town that is close to a large town. Then they could place the business there, and just commute to the larger town.

Many states also have areas where there are several towns that are close together. If a person was set on one particular section of a state because of family and friends, then they could do some research to find an area like this. Even though would town would not be big enough to support a tree company, two or three towns the same size could support it.

There are many types of retail strategies that can be used when running a tree service. Most of it depends on what the main goal of the company is. If the town the company has chosen has a tree service with a reputation of leaving a mess after each job, then advertisements that mention that all debris and leaves are going to be completely raked and cleaned up would be ideal. In addition, placing in the advertisement that the customer does not have to pay until they are satisfied would also bring new customers calling.

The best strategy that any tree service could ever use is keeping the customer happy. Nowadays, everybody has big advertisement to get customers attention, but the company does not always uphold what it says in the advertisement. Customer satisfaction is the key to success when it comes to tree services.

Customer satisfaction is actually the key to any business. If a person goes to a department store and they can never find all of the items they need, they cannot find a friendly person to help direct them to items in the store, or they not checkout quickly because the store does not have enough employees, then they will eventually start going somewhere else.

This holds true for a tree service company as well. If the company constantly hits the house with small or large limbs, break and smash the bushes and flowers in the flower beds, break or pieces of the fences or leave large messes in the yard for extended periods of time, then the customers are going to eventually quit calling. If the customer is aggravated with the tree company, then they are going to let their neighbors know, their friends and family members know, and just about anybody else they know of who needs a tree service.

However, if the customer is satisfied, then they are going to let everybody know that as well. When one of their friends or neighbors mention that they need a tree removed or trimmed, the company that did a great job for them is going to be the one they recommend, not the one that did a bad job. It is a proven fact, that word of mouth advertising is the best advertising a company could ask for. It is also the worst if the company does not do a good job. In Jeff J. Fox's book, How to Become a Rainmaker: The Rules of Getting and Keeping Customers, he mentions "word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have at your disposal." He also said that it is a two way street, and a person has to make sure that they are not going down the wrong way. (Jeff Fox, May 2000, 124)

Another retail strategy would be in the amount of experience the company has to offer. Advertising a company has a combined experience of twenty years looks a lot better than a business advertising that it is their first year. A company should never advertise that. The company should take the amount of experienced years the owner has and combine it with the amount of experienced years the lead climber or supervisor has to put in the advertisements. This gives the customer extra satisfaction that the company he or she is calling has the adequate experience to do the job right.

Door-to-door advertising is also another possible marketing strategy. When the company first starts, the owner could go through a neighborhood, stop at houses with obvious dead trees in the front yards, and leave a card to introduce them. They could just mention they are new to the area and thought they would leave people cards in case they ever need use of a tree company. With this type of word of mouth advertising, and not acting as if they actually "need" the job, it could be a potential customer in the waiting.

Knowledge is also a main marketing strategy. When a person calls a tree company to look at their trees, the one who goes to the customers house needs to know as much about trees as they can. If they mumble and have a hard time remembering the names of trees in the yards, the potential customer might get an uneasy feeling about hiring the company. However, if the person knows all of the names of the trees and can answer every possible question that the customer has, then it will show the customer that the person has adequate Knowledge about trees and probably has enough experience to do the job correctly.

Knowledge and experience is also helpful in small ways that mean a lot to customers. When homeowners spend a large amount of money on their lawns, they expect them to stay that way. Only a tree company that cares for the customers needs and realizes this will make it far in the business. For example, if it rains, work should not be performed on lawns that are well maintained and edged. Vehicles can leave ruts and the workers can leave trails easily while walking from the trailer to the tree over and over, carrying brush. Things like this show a lack of experience and could reflect badly on the company, and are a good strategy to remember in the ways to keep the customer happy.

Keeping the customer happy is also the best way to manage the merchandise. The merchandise of the company is a service. A full tree care service is what the owner or sales people are trying to sell. Not only do they have to have full knowledge of all aspects of the trees, they have to be a good sales representative as well.

Once the sale is finalized and the customer gives the okay to do the job, the one who sold the job needs to keep up with it. After the job is completed, he or she needs to go back to the job and look over everything. They need to make sure that the ground was well maintained and cleaned, there were not sticks that were missed in the bushes or behind the fence, and they have to make sure that there was no damage done to the property of the customer. This is the only way to manage the merchandise of a tree service.

One of the best ways to manage this is to have a working supervisor with the crew. For most crews, the working supervisor is actually the climber, or lead climber. This person also answers any questions the customer might have while the work is being conducted, and he or she can keep on eye on the other workers to insure they are doing a good job.

There is a lot that depends on the supervisor of the crew being right for the job. In all actuality, the right person for the job could run their own business if they wanted to, and should be able to handle any problems that arise during and after the job. The supervisor also has to have an easygoing personality in order to handle all the needs of the business, all the needs of the customers and all of the needs of the other employees.

When it comes to managing the employees, there are many things to consider. First, when hiring, the owner needs to be able to trust the employee. The owner has to leave several times throughout the day in order to give estimates, run errands… [END OF PREVIEW]

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