Service Learning Project Working in Teams Essay

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Service Learning Project

Working in teams provides us with an opportunity to accomplish more than we would if we worked individually, yet we can also learn a lot about ourselves as part of this process. In this course, I had the benefit of working with some great people as part of a team, and this experience has added value for me. This paper will outline some of the learning that I did during this project, with respect to teamwork and leadership.

Team Dynamics

In our education we often end up working by ourselves, but in the working world there is a lot of teamwork. To be a leader in a teamwork situation requires acquiring specific skills about teamwork that would help us to achieve our objectives and become better leaders for the future. One of the first things that we learned was about the stages of team development -- forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. The first couple of stages went fairly well for the team. We basically deferred the leadership decision to see who the natural leaders would be. This is because we learned about trait theory and other leadership theories. It was important that since there was no formal authority on the team that we awaited the emergence of informal authority.

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The next step was to establish goals, a vision and communication flows. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to promote my ideas and take on a bit of a leadership role. We decided that we would utilize consensus decision-making techniques, because those would allow for group input. We worried about groupthink, and watched for the signs of it, and made sure that we had good communication flow throughout the project.


Essay on Service Learning Project Working in Teams Provides Assignment

We opted to let leaders emerge in the group. We had decided on what our vision and objectives were going to be, and then opted for consensus-building as our primary means of finding decision. We knew that over the course of the project, the leaders would emerge. This is pretty much what happened, so that people naturally fell into roles within the team, based on their own expertise and personality types. This experience fit well with the trait theory of leadership, where the people who ended up in charge just seemed to have certain qualities, like wanting to be in charge and wanting to lead.

The team worked best without a set formal leader, but there were risks. We thought that if two people insisted on being the leader that we could have problems. Such a situation would be like having too many chefs in the kitchen, and the wrong kind of conflict could result. We were lucky to avoid that. There was also the risk that not enough leadership would be present, something that could also have been troubling because the team would have been unable to make decisions. Thankfully, the constitution of the team was good and everybody was able to find a role.


We are all here because we have a lot of intrinsic motivation. We want to achieve things. I think that we all have talent, and want to learn more about the best ways to put that talent to work. We want to get to a goo university and in doing so put our best foot forwards in the world. To tap into this, we worked a lot both as individuals and then brought that work back to the group to hash out the details. This allowed each person -- all of us talented -- to enjoy a certain amount of autonomy even while working within the team framework. I felt that this approach worked really well, and allowed people like me who work well with others to excel just as much as the more introverted people were able to.

We are all motivated by the opportunities that will come from success here. I know for myself it is evident that I am fortunate to be in this position. That alone drives me to work harder, and take the steps needed to ensure my successful move onto university next year. I know what it takes, and that is a lot of hard work, and I think that with a little help I will be able to take from this experience something quite valuable to the next level.

What We Learned

I think that what we learned was applicable directly to our group project. Some of the things we learned about -- leadership, motivation and teamwork -- obviously would… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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