Sex Education in Addressing This Concern Essay

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Sex Education

In addressing this concern, we have to look into and define he term sex education itself and the role and benefits that it has shown in the countries where it was implemented. In discussing the role of sex education in the curriculum we have also to see if the education harms the psyche of the individual. Cultural backgrounds have also had to be looked into. The desirability of sex education in schools in Hong Kong will be based therefore, first in defining what will exactly be sex education, the targeted audience and what they are aware of the issues. Conflicts with the moral codes that come with religious practices also have to be examined. The second aspect is the benefits and harm that such a curriculum may cause to the students. Finally the continuance and governance of the program and teacher reluctance have to be noted. This paper therefore goes into these aspects in detail.

Why Sex Education?

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The social set up in all civilizations have regarded sex as a taboo subject. Youngsters therefore are initiated either by peer groups or are led astray. They also believe in unnatural things. One of the chief concerns is the diseases and abuse that could result in the wrongful notion of sex and its implications. For example a conservative country like Malaysia found that it needs to implement the sex education because of the concern of the spread of diseases. Newspapers report that there is a direct connection between illicit drug use and a lack of sex education in Malaysia. These problems are universal and are relevant to Hong Kong like the HIV in the country. The adolescents surveyed by the media admitted to have indulged in group sex, masturbation and multiple partners. They also consumed alcohol, sniffing smoking and indulged in theft. These youngsters were of the age group 13 to 15 years. (The Star News, 2008)

TOPIC: Essay on Sex Education in Addressing This Concern, We Assignment

Similar situations have also been observed in Hong Kong. This is alarming and is avoidable. The youngsters would be prevented from being misled by the media and antisocial elements if they were given proper sex education. The advent of the internet and availability of free pornography has added to the danger of psychological impacts on the youth. Therefore for preserving the mental faculties and right perspectives, and secondly to prevent spread of diseases the sex education takes a prominent place. However in the light of modern thought, there is also felt that the young person has a right to be informed about sex as is their right to education in other subjects. (Blake; Katrak, 2002)

International bodies and thinkers are of the view that there must not be restriction on knowledge if that would help in molding the individual to a better person. Thus it is argued that children and young people have a right to be educated on sex and sexual relationships and in learning about different faiths they must also be made aware of the values attached by their faith to sexual behavior. Sex education thus must be wider in consideration such that there is no conflict between the widely held ethnic belief and the curriculum. Thus a safe framework where people of different faith can come into agreement about what could be the scope of the education and what it must contain is important. (Blake; Katrak, 2002)

That may not be in tandem with the country's majority populations thinking. However we cannot deny that a change is necessary to control and convince the youth that they have to take care with regard to sexual relations in their own safety and avoid risk to health. The mystique surrounding sex has to be broken so that the youth could see it in a normal and matter of fact part of human existence. Biology classes cannot in the normal course avoid the topic of reproduction and therefore from the class eight students tend to know about the concept of reproduction. Explaining the concept of human reproduction with help from medical professionals could be explored. This aspect of the education is not attempted because of prevalent misconceptions surrounding sex education. (Blake; Katrak, 2002)

It is thought to be a means of spreading wrong notions and values, and that knowledge of contraception and other means would make the youth explore sex rather than understand and abstain. Some of these arguments are baseless. Even without a sex education it has been shown that youth do explore the areas with risk. If not alter it, a proper education at best would avoid the dangers, like diseases and unwanted pregnancies. It is stated that normally it is thought by the people that sex education colloids with the values of the society which could be cultural social and even religious faiths. This however is a misconception that has to be first eradicated before a meaningful program can be launched. Sex education will not upset any religious or social mores but may serve to enhance it. (Blake; Katrak, 2002)

The survey was conducted to see how the sex education was implemented. The authors conclude that foundation of sex education should begin early. The pilot study investigated the Hong Kong teachers' perceptions of teaching sex education in pre-schools. The findings showed that some unmarried teachers felt embarrassed to implement sex education. The observation was "that most of the teachers did not have the confidence in teaching of sex education in the pre-schools" since they did not have the required skills and information. (Yuk-ching, n. d.)

Even if sex education was not given in schools, there are methods available for youngsters to obtain the same from other sources including TV and internet. Information is available to day over the media and the other sources that is not scientifically delivered leading to other social problems like homosexuality and diseases to prevent misconceptions the education delivered properly will have better results. Various "serological premises or a mixture of them co-exist together in Hong Kong." (Ng, n. d.) 'Ethnic' as well as 'religious' characteristics decide "which of the premises a Hong Kong Chinese holds and for how much" they hold it. (Ng, n. d.) In Hong Kong there is a taboo with regard to premarital sex, extramarital sex and remarriages. 'Polygamous marriage' was considered to be 'made illegal' after the year '1971'. (Ng, n. d.)

Hong Kong is influenced by Christian ideology. Women in Hong Kong and China share the same status. "A study on Knowledge and Attitudes of Secondary School Pupils on Sex and Sex Education was conducted on about 4087 students. Information with regard to sex for these students evolved via television, newspapers as well as science and biology taught in schools." (Ng, n. d.) The study also found that "in terms of having experience with sexual intercourse, the boys' figure increased from 5.7% to 6.1% and the girls, from 3.5% to 4.3%. A greater percentage of the boys, 32.8% in 1986 and 36.7% in 1991, reported having had sexual intercourse." (Ng, n. d.)

"Hong Kong youngsters are not as promiscuous or considered to be reckless with sex and after 1991, consensual sexual conduct between two males aged 21 or over was decriminalized, there has been a growth of gay bars. Voluntary organizations are playing crucial roles in these transformations." (Ng, n. d.) Less is known regarding the level of "unconventional sexual behaviors in Hong Kong like child sexual abuse, sex crime and spouse sexual violence. Hong Kong is a very special place as far as sexuality is concerned. This type of sexuality environment should make Hong Kong a particularly interesting place for sexologists to work in and study, to see how sexual diversities can coexist peacefully and be properly managed and conduce to growth." (Ng, n. d.) According to W. Low, the "level of awareness and knowledge with regard to sexual issues is considered to be still lacking. Misconceptions however exist. Sex research as well as education in this arena is being warranted." (Low, 2007)

3. What is the Best Method of Teaching?

One way as is contemplated by the government is to include this in the curriculum at different classes in a graded manner. While this is the practical first step, there has to be some more concern that needs to be shown in this case because it could trigger adverse reactions in youngsters. To avoid psychological pressure it is important to give training to teachers in teaching mixed groups about sex. The embarrassment of a teacher will have to be taken into consideration especially in a state where sex is not even mentioned within a family setting. Training the instructor to overcome his or her own inhibitions would then be the first step. It may not be practical from day one, and that is where the services of a premedical team in schools especially the nursing fraternity could be used. There could be the use of paramedical professional in the dissemination of knowledge to the young adult. This could also include the contraceptive services promotion of meetings based on biology,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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