Sex and Exercise Research Paper

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In the summer of 2009, a study consisting of 24 students was carried out in Tehran. The participants were instructed to continue their normal routines and not to bring any changes in their activity and diet. The main finding of the study suggested a significant increase in the testosterone level of the individuals after 6-12 weeks of resistance training. This implied that the responsiveness of testosterone was dependent on the intensity and volume of exercise[footnoteRef:12]. [12: Shakeri and Nikbakht et al. 2012]

Sutton et al. carried out a study consisting of 29 individuals. The participants were observed after their training sessions twice a day. Specific testosterone assays performed on serum from the male students during exercise showed that the rise in androgens was predominantly due to a rise in testosterone.

Serum steroid hormones that are testosterone and cortisol have been associated to the magnitude of strength and power increases induced by strength training (Brownlee et al.).

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A short period of high intensity exercise results in an elevated testosterone level. However, if the training is too long or strenuous, it might result in a decreased testosterone level. The response of testosterone is dependent upon the type, duration and intensity of physical workout. Guglielminiand his colleagues conducted a study on athletes to observe the response of testosterone to physical activity. For 32 athletes, the testosterone levels elevated by a significant percentage. However, for another 30 athletes who ran the 107-km race, the levels of testosterone dropped. Most of the competition events demonstrate an acute effect on raising testosterone concentration, except for the events of extraordinary duration and intensity, such as a marathon, which sometimes showed a contradictory result[footnoteRef:13]. [13: Liu and Kuo et al. 2009, 24 -- 29]

Sometimes, an increase in the intensity and duration of physical activity has a negative effect on the testosterone level. This is due to an elevation in the level of cortisol. Cortisol is known to elevate if the duration of intensive exercise is prolonged. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is increases as a result of excessive exercise and wrestles against testosterone, causing it to fall.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Sex and Exercise Assignment

The effect of physical activity on testosterone level appears to be acute. A study consisting of elderly individuals was conducted which showed that the influence exercise has on testosterone level is affected by age. Jensen et al. conducted a study to examine the relationship between endurance training and testosterone level in the blood. The study was performed on 7 trainees who engaged in physical exercise. Their testosterone level was tested two, four and six hours after their training. The study revealed that testosterone increased by 27% after strength training and by 37% after endurance training. In general, an intense session of resistance training or endurance training elevates the level of testosterone in the blood.


In addition to exercise, eating and drinking the right things can also help to increase testosterone. Milk and foods such as salmon and spinach help boost testosterone level. In today's world, it is becoming more and more common to rely on processed and frozen foods in order to save time. However, in the pursuit of saving time, man has forgotten the effect that such carelessness in choosing food has on the body. Fizzy drinks and processed food items, especially meat are known to have ingredients that lower levels of testosterone.

It is also important to reduce intake of tobacco and alcohol as these items are known to cause testosterone levels to fall. More than a moderate intake of alcohol is known to increase estrogen in the body, which as has been discussed earlier in this paper, prevents the production of testosterone. Getting a good night's sleep is essential to boost the production of testosterone in the body. It is during the stage of REM (rapid eye movement) in sleep that the body produces testosterone.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in the body, one must improve their lifestyle and combine moderate physical exercise with the right food.

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