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(Mangan, 1992) These problems are rectified by sex therapy. Sex therapy involves administration of some of the structured sexual tasks to the couple at the therapist's office. The couples practice the methods so prescribed successfully at home after understanding it fully, thereby rectifying the inhibitions that affects sexual response. Techniques developed by the Americans William Masters and Virginia Johnson during 1960s are most frequently used by the therapists. (Leiblum; Raymond, 1989)

The sex therapist mainly brings remedies with the non-organic problems affecting the sexual lives including premature ejaculation, impotence and other forms of sexual dysfunction. Therapists resort on exercises emphasizing inflicting and attaining sensual pleasures in order to overcome the anxieties about sex. Sex therapy may also involve specialized treatments against the specific sex-related problems. The basic principle of sex therapy lays emphasis on the fact that the sufferer is not the individual partner but the entire marital unit. In order to resolve the problems, therefore, participation of both the spouses is of prime importance. Deep rooted marital problems some times are associated with psychological problems and sexual problems. In these cases marital therapy and psycho therapy are to be resorted to conjointly for successful remedy. Success in the field of sex therapy however, depends upon the response of the patients, their openness and allowing the doctor to decide suitable methods. (Everett & Nichols, 1986)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Sex Therapy the Efforts in Assignment

The problems of infertility are dealt in first by investigating the problem. The tradition and culture of the society may some times result in stigmatism of the women, taunting and triggering off of a lot of negative emotions by the family peers, blaming of the spouses to each other for inability to conceive, pressures for frequent sexual activity causing diminished spontaneity etc. (Stigger, 1983) Sometimes men equate their sexual ability with becoming father of a child experiencing anxiety and depression. Often menstrual flow in women signals lack of success in achieving a pregnancy. These problems are regarded as psycho-sexual problems and mostly are self perpetuating. Counteracting the diminished sexual desire, impotence in men, and lack of orgasm in woman gives successful result in these directions. (Covington, 1992)

Many attempts by the doctors and religious leaders have been made in the directions of curing homosexuality. In earlier periods the desire to cure in this line mainly stemmed out of the societal discomfort of having love with same sex and had no pathological implications. (Whittam, 1977) Many theories have been advanced in late 19th centuries in this direction. They are Prostitution Therapy, Marriage therapy which involves continuous association with virtuous women and study of abstract sciences. (Sperry, 1991) Cauterization at the nape of the neck and lower dorsal and lumbar regions is prescribed by the Dr. William Hammond as a therapy against homosexuality. Castration and ovary removal is also practiced in pre-Hitler world against this. To remain Chaste is prescribed as a therapy against homosexuality. (Comment: Integrating psychoanalytic and behavior therapy, 1981)

John D. Qackenbos of New Hampshire propounded the curing of unnatural passions like nymphomania, masturbation and gross impurity through hypnosis. Dr. Louis Max of New York University supported Aversion Therapy in 1935 observing that considerably higher electric shocks diminished the value of the stimulus for homosexuality. Edmund Berger regarded homosexuality as a kind of psychic masochism and supported psychoanalytical theories for curing the homosexuality. Radiation treatment, Hormone Therapy, Lobotomy, Beauty Therapy for lesbians, Psycho-religious therapy etc. are several methods and approaches employed against Homosexuality. (Paul; Robert; & Rountree, 1991)

Several theories have been advanced for counteracting the sexual problems. The theories so advanced are classified as Psychoanalytic, Behavioristic, and Humanistic. Sigmund Freud, Adler, Carl Jung, Horney, Harry S. Sullivan, Erik Erikson, Erich Fromm, Eric Berne, Thomas Harris are major contributions in the field of psychoanalytic therapy. J.B. Watson, B.F. Skinner, Joseph Wolpe, William Glasser regarded as the father of reality therapy, James Dobson propounded major concepts in Behavioristic approaches towards sex therapy. Similarly, the contributions of Carl Rogers regarded as the father of client centered therapy, Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frackl, Rollo May, Seward Hiltner, Mowrer, Fritz Peris Albert Eris helps development tools in the field of Humanistic approach to sex therapy. (Paul; Robert; & Rountree, 1991)

Many therapies are being resorted to come across the psycho-sexual problems. Adlerian Psychotherapy resorts to encouragement, activation and infusion of new lifestyle among the sufferers through relationship, analysis and action methods. Analytical Psychotherapy uses a symbolic approach for guidance and encouragement through dreams, fantasies in order to result in increased awareness and bring symptomatic relief. Behavioral therapy modifies daunted stimulus response through cognitive, motor and emotional responses. Client Centered Therapy involves practice of participative and emphatic listening allowing client to freely vent his or her feelings. (Everett, & Nichols, 1986)

The therapist practicing Eclectic Psychotherapy selects the appropriate approach from the available therapeutic spectrum and uses as per the need of the patient. Encounter psychotherapy applies methods of self-awareness, self-responsibility, awareness of the body, attention to feelings etc. The therapist practicing Experiential Psychotherapy establishes a felt sense within their patients to resolve the problem. Existential Psychotherapy is based on the rationale that understanding of underlying conflict is essential to identify their deficiencies in dealing with the problems. Francine Shapiro developed the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing method that help the client process through traumatic memories of the events in the past that locked the nervous system and produced psychological problems. (Fenell; Weinhold, 1989)

The Gestalt Therapy involves harmonious and self disclosing confrontation of disharmonious elements through personal participation. Hypnotherapy involves intense focusing of attention upon specific inner or outer stimulus that soothes depressions, uncovers memories. Narrative therapy involves narration of negative stories of shame, isolation and powerlessness with individuals, couples and families creating integrated stories of growth shared struggle and purpose. Non-directive therapy counseling resorts to heeling of problems by ventilating the same and allowing him to find a conclusion. Psychoanalysis therapy lays emphasis on unconscious and dynamic forces in psychic functioning. Reality Therapy presents the individual at his own identity. Somatic psychotherapy takes into account the bodily experiences of using breath, sensory awareness, movement etc. In exploring the causes of the problem. (Everett, & Nichols, 1986)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy to counteract sexual problems arising out of deficiency in testosterone is a recent development in the field of human sexuality that is aimed at production and maintenance of physiologic serum concentrations of the hormone and its active metabolites without significant side effects or safety concerns. Couples Therapy is resorted to when people think that their relationship is good but needs some extra stimulus in order to make it better. The couple therapy involves introduction of the therapist as an objective third party that the family friends and acquaintances can not replace in its objectivity thereby finding out the wrong in the relationship and its solutions. The importance of the therapist lies in its objective and he never takes sides whatever may be contradictions. The therapist also helps in deciding the existence of future of the relationship. (Kaplan, 1987).

Antagonism in post marital relationship occurs due to sex problems and become a cause of breaking of marriages. Extramarital sex, impotency, etc. are leading factors in this direction. Many counselors provide counseling in the matter to save marriages with a hope that every marriage deserves a fair chance. Counseling for active participation of the partner solves many of the sexual problems. Dr. David Schnarch developed an integrated therapy appproach to sex, intimacy and relationship problems as The Sexual Crucible Approach. Emphasis is laid on sophisticated integration of ecorticism, intimacy, spirituality, personal development and marital systems on solving the sex related problems in the post marital life. It is said to have integrated Bowenian differentiation theory, systems theory, and object relations development while providing antidotes for sex problems. (Leiblum; Raymond, 2001)

The book has been reformulated for home use in the name of Passionate Marriage: Sex, Love and Intimacy in Emotionally Committed relationships. The uniqueness of the crucible approach lies in the core integration of sexual and marital therapy, application of the theory of differentiation to the sexual and marital problems. Instead of approaching sex and intimacy as communication skill or touch techniques it represents sex and intimacy as a non-reducible whole. The importance of this approach lies in the fact that it is the first marital and sex therapy to assist people reaching their sexual potential rather than resolving the dysfunctions. The Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 4, May 30, 2001 enshrines the important techniques involved in counseling of sex therapy in the publication Principles and Practices of Sex Therapy published by Sandra R. Leiblum and Raymond C. Rosen which serves the purposes of sex therapists guiding them on current approaches and treatment models. (Leiblum; Raymond, 2001)

The various sex related problems like desire, orgasm, dyspareunia, vaginismus, retarded ejaculation, rapid ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, gender dysphoria paraphilias, sexual compulsion and addiction etc. are being dealt in smoothly involving case histories and practical applications of the clinical… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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