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His goal is sexual gratification, most typically, self-gratification and his thoughts generally are of pleasure rather than intimacy and relationship. Significantly, man's sexual desire precedes any physical sexual interaction." (EIFSRC, p. 1)

In other words, according to this perspective the sexual attraction formulated subconsciously by a man is more likely to be a fleeting sense of desire that can be satisfied through a single, meaningless sexual encounter whereas female sexual desire is more likely to be satisfied through a sexual encounter that, even in its singularity, is underlain by a feeling of emotional intimacy. This intimacy allows for a sexual attraction that presumes that the partner might be a suitable long-term mate, even if the intention of the sexual encounter is explicitly short-term in nature. As the text by EIFSRC indicates about female sexual attraction, "our goal is intimacy, relationship, and ultimately, transformation of our lover. Our thoughts too are of pleasure, but in a different context -- we relish pleasure, not so much for itself, but for the transformation it brings to our partner. Most importantly, our sexual desire hardly ever precedes sexual interaction, but occurs primarily during sexual interaction." (EIFSRC, p. 1)

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This denotes also that a distinction in the subconscious sexual desire of men and women is the design to achieve sexual gratification. The research encountered here above suggests that sexual gratification is a secondary goal to establishing a meaningful connection with one's sexual partner. Ironically, for both male and female, these distinctions may be more suitable to sexual compatibility that one might assume. These preferences may well be the critical forces of desire that allow us to choose mates and perpetuate the species, even if this is the furthest thing from our minds when in pursuit of pure sexual gratification. To this end, the text by Wolfson (2010) indicates, "instincts rule our desire; the preferences we have in our sexual lives are, more or less, simply an expression of our search for evolutionary advantage." (Wolfson, p. 1)

TOPIC: Term Paper on Sexual Attraction Subconscious Sexual Attraction Assignment

In fact, this search for evolutionary advantage is a presence even in those encounters which are explicitly sexual in nature and which have no connection to actual or intended impulses at perpetuating the species. For instance, some research in the field has demonstrated that even where pure sexual desire appears to be at the base of attraction, the evolutionary instinct toward procreation plays a subconscious role. One specific study is that described by Miller et al. (2007) which studied the tip earnings of lap dancers in gentleman's clubs as they varied across the female menstrual cycle. This demonstrated some irrefutable connections between accelerated earnings and the phase in a woman's menstrual cycle when she is most receptive to 'sexual receptivity, proceptivity, selectivity and attractivness." (p. Miller et al., p. 375)

During this phase, known as estrus, the study by Miller et al. sought to demonstrate, evolutionary behavior takes effect. This influences sexual attraction at a subconscious level for reasons that neither male nor female can articulate. As the study by Miller et al. found, "normally cycling participants earned about U.S.$335 per 5-h shift during estrus, U.S.$260 per shift during the luteal phase, and U.S.$185 per shift during menstruation. By contrast, participants using contraceptive pills showed no estrous earnings peak. These results constitute the first direct economic evidence for the existence and importance of estrus in contemporary human females, in a real-world work setting. These results have clear implications for human evolution, sexuality, and economics." (Miller et al., p. 375)


Ultimately, this discussion demonstrates that while men and women are both driven by subconscious sexual desires, these desires may differ considerably in how they manifest. The need for intimacy and gratification may be wired distinctly for each of the genders. However, as both sociological and biological evidence demonstrates, human sexual attraction is built on the subconscious impulse to further the evolution of the species.

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