Sexual Harassment in Hospitals Existence Term Paper

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Negligent attitude from the supervisory officials or human resource department will definitely post a wrong sign and encourage opportunistic individuals to get on with their misbehavior with impunity. The onus lies with the human resource professionals to ensure that work ethics are not compromised in any way and that professional stature of the person or other individual reasons do not interfere in an impartial hearing of the reported abuses. The hospital management must encourage an open atmosphere where employees can apprise them of their concerns without any hesitation and promote an impartial discussion pertaining to any reported misbehavior. It certainly takes a combined effort on the part of the human resource professionals and the employees to create a congenial working climate and to prune up the weeds that in any way threaten to destroy the positive, hope giving, and curative hospital ambience.


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Term Paper on Sexual Harassment in Hospitals Existence Assignment

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