Research Paper: Sexual Harassment

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[. . .] Ms. Vinson made the point that Taylor was coming on to her and trying to pressure her to have sex with him and also wanted her to exchange the sex for favors at the job. Ms. Vinson appeared in court and mentioned that Taylor had put his hands on her in public, he also showed his private area to her, and then on many occasions forced himself on her sexually which was rape. This went on many times (Sexual harassment In the Workplace, 2013).

The issue in the case: Meritor savings bank v. Vinson

The main question existing was the following: "Is an aggressive work setting a type of illegal discrimination which falls up under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or is this type of conduct restricted to "palpable financial discrimination" in the place of work?"

The decision of the court: Meritor savings bank v. Vinson (no. 84-1979)

The Court stressed the point that that Title VII was "in no shape or form restricted to 'financial' or 'clear' discrimination," discovering that the point of Congress was "to battle with the entire range of dissimilar action of women and men that are in the workplace." The Court made the point that the EEOC stated that sexual annoyance guiding to noneconomic damage was a type of sex bias that was not allowed by the Title VII (Harassment prevention policies and guidelines., 2013).

The Court was able to observe that the plaintiffs were actually able to establish defilements of the Act "by demonstrating that discrimination founded on sex has made a work setting very abusive and hostile." (Sexual harassment In the Wohkplace, 2013).

The Supreme court was able to discover found that those that were in the lower courts were in error and that they needed to have put emphasis more on whether response by her behavior actually specified that the unproven sexual advances were unwanted, not whether her contribution in the action was intentional. This choice recognized the ethics for examining whether the behavior was illegal and when a company would be accountable for their actions.

Whether you agree or disagree with the court's decision - and why.:

When it comes to my opinion, I really believe that Ms. Vinson was approached by this man to have sex, however, it might not have been rape. I believe that this woman made the decision to go through with the sex and did not make any type of complaints at all. I think she liked having sex with this man and when they fired her, she got mad and therefore decided to press charges (Gladstone, 2005)It sounded like a typical case of a woman that has been scorned. It sounds like both of them were actually having some kind of an affair with each other and when she saw the chance to make some money off of him, she went for it because she knew that it was possible. In the end, I think that Ms. Vinson basically planned the whole thing in order to orchestrate his downfall for getting rid of her.


A. Definition

1.) Sexual harassment can be describes as any unwanted or unwelcome kindness either by talking or touching to a person that is reasonable is way that is inappropriate. This word sometimes encompasses to comprise of gender harassment, harassment based on sexual orientation, and also sexual abuse.

B.) Factor that Contribute Sexual Harassment

1) Dependence on other co-workers for teamwork and support

2) Dependence on administrators for career approval and success

3) Abusing the authority

4) Bullying in the workplace

5) Management that is poor

6) A job that is unstable

7) Personal issues for instance divorce

A. The Right Methods

A. Make sure that there is corporate person that observes the application of the policy

B. Train your managers and supervisors to understand and stop sexual harassment

1. Outline the steps that will be done in reporting sexual harassment.

2. Give different solutions for filing complaints.


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