Sexuality Is Defined, Expressed Essay

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Because Trish is female and expected to have a lower sex drive than a male, she only presses Andy because of personal and psychological reasons but not because her biology is screaming for orgasm. Andy's abstinence is deviant, but it also lowers his sex drive to the presumed level of the female.

40-year-old Virgin simultaneously upholds and subverts normative sexual behavior and gender norms. On the one hand, the film shows that men are considered deviant if their sex drives do not determine their behaviors or ensure dominance over women. On the other hand, the film shows that men are perhaps not as biologically determined as is suggested by the NSA axiomatic norms that govern American society. Andy's friends come to realize how their being driven by androcentric sexual norms have interfered with their relationships and peace of mind. Andy himself comes to see that his deviant virginity has ensured self-fulfillment in that he genuinely does want a stable, monogamous heterosexual relationship and was not interested in conforming to the norms that constrain his peers' behavior. 40-year-old Virgin also shows how sex operates on complex dimensions, and is at the intersection between self and society. Sex is both deeply personal, but also essentially political and social in nature. Sex becomes a significant rite of passage for Andy, but that rite of passage arrived decades after it does for most men in his cultural milieu.


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TOPIC: Essay on Sexuality Is Defined, Expressed, and Assignment

Seidman, S. (2010). The Science of Sex: Sexology and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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