Sexuality in the Hospitality Industry Term Paper

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Often, flowers, massages, and romantic dinners play an important role in the use of sexuality (as romance) within the hospitality industry. Further, entire holidays are built up around the romantic theme, including Valentine's Day, and the promotion of romantic events and products for personal wedding anniversaries and honeymoons. Here, sexuality is used in the hospitality industry in a socially sanctioned and publicly acceptable manner. The advertisement of the romantic component of hotel stays or restaurant dinners is unlikely to be objectionable to much of the larger buying public. As such, romance is an important and profitable component of sexuality in the hospitality industry that is sanctioned and accepted by society as a whole.

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Other components of sexuality in the hospitality industry are less well-known, and certainly not sanctioned by larger society. These include the use of certain hotels and hotel rooms for activities like prostitution, and the use of many buildings as strip clubs and houses of prostitution. Pubs that offer topless entertainment and waitresses also fall into this category. Perhaps on the fringe of this more blatant use of sexuality in the hospitality industry are otherwise "reputable" pubs and nightclubs that offer "ladies nights" where male strippers like Chippendales appear. While this last example depicts sexuality as focused toward female consumers, the large portion of illegal and more blatantly sexually-oriented services and events in the hospitality industry are focused almost entirely at men. This is changing, certainly, as more women frequent strip clubs as a form of entertainment, but the primary focus of most of this type of industry is male.

Finally, sexuality is also apparent within the hospitality industry within events aimed at the younger, college aged crowd. Events such as wet t-shirt contests, and "girls gone wild" events fall somewhere between publicly-sanctioned events and the more "hardcore" sexual content of strip clubs. Generally, however, this sort of event is perceived as largely harmless by larger society, and seen as young people blowing off steam.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Sexuality in the Hospitality Industry Assignment

In conclusion, sexuality in the hospitality industry is widespread, and likely plays a large component in its financial success. Interestingly, while a sizeable portion of this financial success comes from an industry based on stripping and prostitution, this area of sexuality within the hospitality industry is largely not sanctioned by larger society, and often even ignored within the hospitality industry itself.

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