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She needed to be open and feminine and not naive in order to understand "that he'd love her until death." (Duras 98).

'De Profundis" byOscar Wilde

'De Profundis" by Oscar Wilde is very different from any book written ever. It is a story of a man that had everything, but could not satisfy his "thirst." He says: "I used to live entirely for pleasure. I shunned suffering and sorrow of every kind. I hated both"(Wilde 152).

It is a story of a man who has been changed by jail. Jail gives the understanding of why people the way they are. He admits it by saying "... during the last few months I have, after terrible difficulties and struggles, been able to comprehend some of the lessons hidden in the heart of pain" (Wilde 152). Being different is always a "label" in front of the whole society, a "label" that is able to make a great difference no matter who you are and what you do. The society presses a "different" man leaving him the only desire -- to escape and not to let anyone know the place of his sanctum.

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Oscar Wilde did not have to use the word homosexual in this book in order to emphasize the feeling of a man and the reasons of actions, and not the manifestations. The expression through feeling gave the author possibility to reach the heart of the reader and destroy living stereotypes. The author says: "When people are able to understand, not merely how beautiful -'s action was, but why it meant so much to me, and always will mean so much, then, perhaps, they will realize how and in what spirit they should approach me. . ." (Wilde 136).

Term Paper on Sexuality 'The Lover by Marguerite Assignment

He is trying to awaken the best in the heart of the reader. The term "homosexual" is a stereotype by itself; it is also a "label." Therefore the usage of this term in the text would have eliminated the influence it has on the minds of readers. Nobody can fight a stereotype if he himself uses one. Oscar Wilde knew it for sure. The document would have been definitely less profound with the introduction of the term "homosexual" into it. Its liberal use would lead to a preconceived attitude given by this word, which was negative in all times. Oscar Wilde says outstanding words, revealing the society's attitude: "Well, now I am really beginning to feel more regret for the people who laughed than for myself. Of course when they saw me I was not on my pedestal, I was in the pillory" (Wilde 176).

The concept of homosexuals would definitely change this letter and make it less spiritual. It would have been harder for ordinary people to understand that "these people" also love and want to be loved. And that only suffering made them the way they are. " ... That little, lovely, silent act of love has unsealed for me all the wells of pity: made the desert blossom like a rose, and brought me out of the bitterness of lonely exile into harmony with the wounded, broken, and great heart of the world" (Wilde 136).These words of the author make the reader accept that if love is the base of some act then why should it be derided?

The concept is not to focus on homosexuality but on the reaction of the society to everything that does not "fit" it, everything it is afraid of and everything it tries to hide. The message does not have to go in straight words, it does not defend anything, does not speak for or against anything. It just shows that people have no right to laugh at something they do not know, at a tragedy they have not experienced. Oscar Wilde reveals a very fine understanding of what suffering are and how "different" people suffer. Being "different" does not make them bad people. They are not good, not bad, but simply different. That is the message, a message free of stereotypes. The society has to fight against the desire of these people to hide, because nobody should ever say that he want the night to " ... send the wind over my footprints so that none may track me to my hurt" (Wilde 200).

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