Sexuality in Older Adults Term Paper

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¶ … sexuality in older adults. The writer explores a specifically chose article and outlines its content and conclusion with regard to the sexuality of older humans. There was one source used to complete this paper.

Throughout modern history, the issue of sexuality has always belonged to the young. Commercials, television shows, and movies have worked to build a strong case for human sexuality in those who are under retirement age. While it was acknowledged in passing that order people are capable of feeling and having sexual relations it was usually a topic that was ignored. In more recent years however, human sexuality among older people has moved to the forefront of attention. Commercials advertising pills that can help sustain erection, advertisers for doctors that treat erectile dysfunction and other vehicles have made the world realize that the older generation is still interested in sex. As researchers begin to examine this fact one study looks at all aspects of human sexuality in people over the age of 65, and concludes it is part of a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

The article explores the myths of society present in the thinking about older adults and sexuality.

This article was of interest to me because I plan to work with seniors as part of my career and with the commercials and other ideas regarding human sexuality in older adults I believe this article will help me form educated opinions about the topic.

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One of the first things it does is discuss the myths that currently surround the topic which include the idea that older adults are not interested in sexual relations, those who do express an interest are not normal and it is not acceptable for older women to marry younger men though the other way around is perfectly acceptable (Huffstetler, 2006).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Sexuality in Older Adults. The Writer Explores Assignment

With these and other ideas about older human sexuality being accepted by society there is a mindset that men and women should be separated by gender in nursing homes once they attain a certain age. This mindset has also led to married couples being separated from each other in the same home.

There were several facts used to support the author's ideas in this article. One of the first facts that is brought to light is the historical belief that sex was at one point only to be used for the purpose of procreation. Atone pointing history, as the article points out, people beyond childbearing years who engaged in sexual relations, even with a spouse were sinning.

The middle 1800's saw a scientific interest in the sexuality of people, however, even at that time and until two decades ago it was still believed that older people were not interested in having sexual relations with each other (Huffstetler, 2006).

Studies have contradicted this belief for many years.

Several studies have validated the view that sexual activity continues late in life for both men and women reported that 70% of 70-year-olds are sexually active at least once a week. As early as the 1950s, Kinsey, Pomeroy, Martin, and Gebhard (1953) suggested that women's interest in sex is fairly consistent from their late teens through their 60s, although most experience a modest decline in frequency of sexual intercourse as they age (Huffstetler, 2006)."

The author also relates study facts to the article that show men and women as late as 90 years old are still engaging in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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