Sexuality and PC-TV Facts Term Paper

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From sexuality being a tight-lipped subject for television, to a show entirely about lesbians, the media has certainly come a long way to embracing a new kind of sexuality, one that focuses on sexual orientation and seeks to provide a new reality for the average American. Do gays want the same things that straight people do? Absolutely. Do gay couples stress about how to find a sperm donor (just like a straight fertility challenged couple might?). Absolutely. In short, the only way to represent a group is to show it, in all its "Must See TV!" glory (McCarthy 94), to its mundane life details, to its heartbreaking coming out scene, television, it seems, has got it all covered, whether American are ready for it or not.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Sexuality & PC-TV Facts About Assignment

Sedgwick, Eve. "The L Word': Novelty…
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