Shah Signature, Navi Mumbai Essay

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The iconic sail of the form of this building is a representation of the local context in the past as well as its futuristic bend that appears in the present context for the site of the project which is located in the twenty-first century of the Navi Mumbai city. The form centric design of the building as it was conceptualized for the project was quite appealing to the client immediately it was presented. There were different options that were put into consideration in the pre-design stage and the design was finalized eventually based on the concept as well as better energy performance vis-a-vis form and orientation (NBM Media Pvt. Ltd., 2010).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Shah Signature, Navi Mumbai Assignment

The building is a mixed-use high rise one, referred to as a signature tower is made up of offices on upper floors while retail shopping activity taking place within the basement and lower floors. The location is on the corner plot hence the open space found on the ground is well utilized since it acts as an open deck for the public spill -- over from the existing retail mall which is a good change for vicinity that is otherwise crowded. The special facade structure of the building is determined to be designed on the basis of a grid concept that lends it to the two way curve form that it takes. The intention of the warp form is to act as an outer layer of the building envelope that reduces heat ingress and not daylight hence minimizing load on air-conditioning. This form when compared to the normal box building is quite imposing but not unwieldy at the same time is more appropriate when it comes to handling winds at levels that are higher. The visualization of this curve building facade that was reducing of the plan of going higher was carried out at various stages until they achieved the outcome which was most satisfactory. Currently the team is trying to determine if this unique facade grid could be made parametric in order to accommodate change incase approval of the higher FSI is made by development control authorities. Structural consultant as well as the MEP consultant is sharing information from BIM model that is in the form of 3d files in order to bring out an integrated design in their structures as well as the services. The MEP services of this building are designed in such a way that they minimize energy as well as the conception of water (NBM Media Pvt. Ltd., 2010).


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