Shakespeare in Today's Society Term Paper

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Shakespeare in Today's Society

The tragedies of Shakespeare are the encyclopedia of humanity's life. Through the traits of his characters the famous author shows the virtues and evils of common men depicting the feelings of love, hatred, envy, jealousness, kindness, devotedness and friendship. His dramatic works will be actual and immortal, even though that the humanity changes dynamically but the nature of the man had not changed at all through it's long history. In most of ways we still remain the same as we did four hundred years ago or as we were in Bible times.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Shakespeare in Today's Society Assignment

The movie by Michael Almereyda describes the events not of mediaeval Danish kingdom, but events of modern day realities. The events that take place in Manhattan help us to better understand the core of human relations, human nature and the world we live in. Almereyda had changed the place of action, by taking main heroes of Shakespearean tragedy to modern New York. Still there had been changed not that much since the times of the Globe. Mercantile interests of human dominate over his virtue nature, betrayal and vice are common characters of modern realities and what is more important that money had created human alienation, as everyone tries to hide real nature in order to achieve his very purposes and ambitions. These relations full of bigotry, stereotypes and human vice form the atmosphere not just of human alienation and existence of people being "on different planets' but they also show moral crisis of modern society. And the message of Michael Almereyda is quite powerful and urgent: modern life, led by interests and ambitions of certain groups leaves nothing humanistic and ethical for the development of a descent man, who lives under the natural laws and moral principles. Modern world's war is not the war of ideas or principles; it's a more pragmatic and cynic war of financial corporations, war of big business and war of money, war that makes people to betray their moral principles destroying the most human trait of personality, his conscience. Almereyda states that society has to change its attitude towards reality otherwise the crisis is unavoidable.

In the situation of this kind when everything seems to be cynic, mean and full of hypocrisy, there appears… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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