Sharing Ethical Issues and Internet Technology: File Essay

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Essay on Sharing Ethical Issues and Internet Technology: File Assignment

ETHICAL ISSUES and INTERNET TECHNOLOGY: FILE SHARING Unauthorized file sharing is very difficult to justify because it is a form of intellectual property theft. Copyrights in works of art (including music and movies) are extremely valuable, which is precisely why they are recognized and protected by law. In fact, the value of works covered by copyrights are considered so fundamental that, ever since 1978, copyrights are automatically granted to authors of written (and other forms of) work. Registering works with the U.S. Copyright Office makes cases of infringement much more easy to prove and triggers rights to certain types of punitive damages that are not available without formal copyright registration, but the author owns exclusive rights to the work as of the moment it is recorded on paper or on any other medium. In principle, copying a CD to a tape or copying a movie from a purchased format to additional formats is also a violation of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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