Shaw v. Skype Shaw vs Term Paper

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Shaw v. Skype

Shaw vs. Skype: Overview of Marketing Problems

Currently, Shaw Communications services offer a diverse range of communications options to its customers, from cable television, to Internet services. Its diversity of services as a company is its strength, as well as the long-established quality of its communications services for television and the Internet. Shaw is also a specifically Canadian-based company, specifically addressing the communications needs of Canadian consumers. However, the provider Skype has a tremendous advantage in the telephony market at present as a competitor of Shaw.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Shaw v. Skype Shaw vs. Skype: Overview Assignment

First is the fact that Shaw is the industry's first mover in the VOIP market. With a new and developing technology of great potential desirability in today's net-addicted age, Shaw has already garnered eleven million users internationally, and its international base means that its word of mouth has spread in a positive fashion all over the globe. Also, quite often with new technology, individuals are unwilling to change their service provider unless the new technical provider can offer great cost advantages to the customer. Since Skype is free, Shaw cannot offer such a competitive market advantage in terms of pricing. Also, Skype's international focus and positioning means that it has a broader array… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Shaw and Skype Term Paper

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