Shaw and Skype Term Paper

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Shaw vs. Skype

Skype vs. Shaw: SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and 4 Ps (Product, Placement, Promotion, and Pricing) Analysis

Skype (official website available at ( is a recently begun VOIP (voice over internet protocol) startup company that offers currently offers its free telephony services over the Internet. It has the strength of being the dominant or 'first mover,' in the field of VOIP. Also, as noted upon its official website, it has eleven million users worldwide at present and seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate. It has a clear directive and mission as an organization with a clear, singular focus.

However, Shaw Communications Inc. As "a diversified Canadian telecommunications company whose core business is providing broadband cable television, Internet and satellite direct-to-home (DHT) services to approximately 3.0 million customers" has a more reputable if less focused brand name in the telecommunications industry. It also has a more diverse range of interests as an entity. Thus, while Skype has the strength of being singularly directed and a first mover in the VOIP field, a marketing strategist at Shaw could point to Shaw's diversity as its potential strength. Also, in comparison to Skype, Shaw has greater age as an organization. It has already consolidated its market strength in communications and developed its reputation and reputability in a diverse range of communication systems, another great potential asset.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Shaw and Skype Assignment

Shaw's current weakness is that it not a first mover in this field of new technology. Also, it does not currently offer free services. But this could be turned into strength potentially as Shaw can build upon the generation of the need for VOIP from Skype. It could add to its potential market opportunities created by the new service, by offering them with Shaw's other communications systems, as specified on its official website. ( course, there is nothing to prevent other communications companies from doing the same, but if Shaw acts now it could deploy its unique strengths of reputation in a new and developing technology fostered by the first mover Skype.

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