Shell Shaker: Powerful Women Term Paper

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Shell Shaker: Powerful Women

Shell Shaker is one book that can be read from different angles because the novel is essentially a skillful interplay of various themes. These themes offer a wide range of viewpoints on misuse of power, corruption that is integral part of power itself, women who transcend traditional roles to change the destiny of a nation and history's influence on the present etc. In short, the novel narrates two separate events at different points in time, and simultaneously offers an insight into the power of people who react to horrific events to introduce change and to stop corruption. Among these people, it is the women population that is shown with greatest resilience and immense strength that transforms an entire nation and its destiny.

Throughout the novel, the author, LeAnne Howe has paid a tribute to the women of the Indian tribe Choctaw who exhibit great power and strength when apparently everything else has failed to bring peace and control the flow of violence. Readers with some knowledge of Indian tribes would not find it strange that these women actually enjoyed such influence because in most traditional societies, when insurmountable obstacles appeared, women would resort to centuries old ceremonies and practices to invoke the spirits or higher powers. In short they enjoyed power by virtue of their strong belief system and their strict adherence to old practices and traditions.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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In Shell Shaker, the title actually bespeaks of a practice that old women of Choctaw would adopt to dispel the influence of evil. Women peacemakers of Choctaw tribe in the old eastern town of Yanabi practically laid the foundation of this practice when Shakbatina's Grandmother used Shell Shaker to trap evil and stem the incessant flow of violence that was grounded in the evil spirit of Osano. While the men fought through other means, Grandmother focused on this ceremony as her sole weapon of attack. She tried to invoke the pity of the Miko Luak, fire god to bring peace in her land. Her prayers were granted when Itilauichi, the Autumnal Equinox informed her that: "Through your sacrifice of blood, you have proven yourself worthy. The things you desire for the people will be given"(p 2).

With Grandmother, the peacemaking tradition originated among women of Choctaw tribe and over the years, women used this ceremony to counter evil force of Osano. Red Shoes, who had actually turned evil by virtue of coming under Osano's influence, gave rise to an unfortunate situation in which… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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