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When the Merry Hill shopping center markets itself under the slogan 'Just what you love about shopping' it is appealing to a market that already recognises shopping as a leisure and entertainment activity; its claim is that it is those positive aspects - 'what you love' - that have been made the most important elements of the Merry Hill experience, and that rather than being a chore, going to the shops will be the equivalent to a family outing, or a visit to an entertainment or leisure venue such as the cinema or a theme park. It is possible to take a very cynical view of such approaches, perceiving them as a means to disguise the reality of consumerist capitalism:

In such retail playgrounds... The magic of the commodity depends upon an innocence about the relations of production and the social construction of consumption. The sense of innocent fun mitigates the guilt of conspicuous consumption and a residual innocence may similarly attach to the commodities for sale. (Goss, 37)

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This is, however, a rather one-dimensional view, as the same author notes when he comments that many users treat their local mall 'as the social space it pretends to be, 25% freely enjoying its facilities without making a purchase' (Goss, 42-3). The customers of shopping malls, department stores or shops on traditional high streets are subject to an enormous range of manipulative techniques in order to separate them from their money, but in the end they will use the experience of 'going to the shops' in the way that accords best with their own purposes. In that sense, 'entertainment' is as available in the small-town shop in which customers meet, talk and exchange news as well as purchasing commodities as it is in the mega-mall offering elements of carnival, festival and tourism as well as the opportunity to browse and buy.

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