Sick: The Untold Story Book Report

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There will be many benefits.

Conclusions that impact or healthcare system and/or the pharmaceutical industry

Indeed, recent years have revealed an overall detrimental decline in many areas of the health care system. Most organizations and state legislatures have been challenged to support health programs at the required level while contending with declining revenues (Goodman, 1991). There are tough questions about how insurers, pharmaceutical organizations, and the government can collaborate and work in harmony with shifting agendas and strategies (Gardner, 2012). The most important part of the equation, however, is how to truly meet the health care needs of the country's most vulnerable and needy. Hopefully, the Affordable Care Act and other reforms will prove sustainable.

Proficient healthcare leaders know that at the crux of the matter are those who need help the most and are often the last heard -- the patients (Gardner, 2012). As healthcare in our society evolves to meet demands, public health needs will not go away. In fact, they will continue to grow. The healthcare system's chief responsibility remains providing quality care to those most in need. This requires compassion and dedication -- an understanding how everyday people such as those presented in "Sick" are impacted.


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Book Report on Sick: The Untold Story of Assignment

Goodman, J.C. (1991).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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