Essay: Sign and Symbol, by John

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[. . .] , and elevation to heaven

Paris 12-13th centuries -- new School of Paris -- Gothic emphasizing "mystical signification" more lightness in the design, less materiality

Also shift away from Roman style, which symbolized paganism

Pointed forms, evoking "convergence of branches," capitals and pinnacles with leaves, now flower symbolizes living church

15th century Italy starts to abandon Gothic architecture

16th century shift of economic, political power away from church -- impacted architecture-made it more geometric, rigid to impart law and order -- symbolizing the keeping in check of economic and political power

19th century, After 1800- France uses Egyptian symbols in cemeteries bc symbolize death; Islamic symbols in England represent "wayward lifestyle" -- diverse styles used

20th century -- International Movement, Le Corbusier -- concrete, steel, lack of ornament

1980s -- architects, patrons want return to…

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