Silver Spring Police Department Senior City Capstone Project

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Silver Spring Police Department





Total Department Personnel 275


Officer to Citizen Ratio

Base Population 1.86 per 1001

Total with Influx Population 1.85 per 1002

Officers per Square Land Mile

Senior City Police was chartered and its operation put under a form of government i.e. Council-Manager

The appointment of the police chief is done by and reports to the Senior City's mayor

The office of Montgomery County Sherriff is donating the building to be used by the police of the Senior City

Fully- equipped building has been given together with functioning centre of communication, and portable radios for the officers working for us.

The office of the Montgomery County Sherriff has as well donated fully-equipped vehicles to be used by our police, some of which are marked.

Mission Statement

Each and every member of the Silver Spring Police Department is to promote a very safe and secure city by means of effective and professional law enforcement coupled with an impeccable policy of traffic safety awareness.

All the members of the Silver Spring Police Department will treat each and every person with utmost respect and handle all situations in a fair and unbiased manner.

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As a very professional organizational unit, we will strive to be resourceful and innovative while protecting all citizens and visitors to in our great city.

Chief of Police

Community Oriented Policing- Silver Spring Police Department Guidelines


TOPIC: Capstone Project on Silver Spring Police Department Senior City Police Assignment

The main purpose of this document is to effectively outline the entire process that will be used by the Silver Spring Police Department in the implementation of the Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.S) framework.


Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.S) is a policing philosophy that was developed specifically to transform the operations of law enforcement agencies. The actual aim was to invrease the total number of officers who are deployed in the U.S. communities, to encourage problem solving as well as interaction within the communities by the police officers, to encourage innovation in the policing process as well as to develop a totally new set of technologies for assisting the police officers in fighting crime as well as consequences of crime (Roth & Ryan,2000). The key concepts that defines this approach are commitment to customer service, an emphasis on finding solutions to chronic problems, empowering the officers to become problem solvers, determination of the actual needs as well as desires of a given community, working in partnership with the general community in finding solutions to issues affecting the community, using all sorts of available resources in fighting of crime and disorder, personalizing the response of police to situations using the "beat" concept, adopting a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive one in the fight against crime and maintenance of order, changing the traditional measures of (police) effectiveness, managing calls for both police services as well as available resources effectively.

Community-based policing

Community-based policing is one of the basic tenets of the Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.S) philosophy.

Community-based policing is a noted by Trojanovicz and Buqueroux (1990) to be a philosophy and organizational strategy that effectively aims at promoting a partnership which is based on a collaborative effort between the police forces and the community to be able to more efficiently and accurately participate in the identification, prevention as well as solving of problems associated with crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder as well as neighborhood decay so as to improve the quality of life for all members of the society.This philosophy is enshrined in the Silver Spring Police Department's core ethical values.

Silver Spring Police Department



Senior Population


80% White,14% African-American and 6% Others

Student population


Daily Tourist Influx


Employment Rate


Per capita Income


Median Age


Navigable waterways cover

Sq. Miles

Land Miles

50 Sq. Miles

Silver Spring Police Department



Calls handles


Supplemental Reports


Original Reports


Traffic Citations


Criminal arrests (

With DUI included-501 DUI Arrests)


Total Burglary and Robbery alarms


Crime watch meetings attended

Code of Ethics


At Silver Spring Police Department, the personal as well as professional lives of the staff must always reflect the high level of integrity of the Department.The Department is highly committed to the preservation of the constitutional law as well as general orders. Equality and honesty must be practiced at all times in all aspects of our work.An outstanding conduct allows respect to flourish between us and the community.


At Silver Spring Police Department, we are alwys in pursuit of the highest levels of standards. We always strive to meet as well as exceed the common expectation of our community and peers. We emphasize on staff education, training as well as practicing within the broad knowledge of the constitutional law. This way we shall succeed in providing a safe and secure environment to our communities.


At the Silver Spring Police Department, our main goal is to improve the quality of life within our community of jurisdiction. We achieve this by effectively reducing crime within our city and its environment. We shall however, remain a committed team in the fight against crime and disorder. Customer satisfaction however will be the benchmark for gauging our success.


In our quest for a secure and well protected society, Silver Spring Police Department is guided by a policy of professional and completely unbiased behavior via the execution of our core values and principles. Each and every member of the Silver Spring Police Department is committed in ensuring that each and every citizen is treated impartially and fairly.

Silver Spring Police Department



(an interlocal Agreement with Montgomery County)

Emergency Response

Barricaded suspects/subjects

Hostage Negotiation and rescue

Hazardous Devices such as bombs

This resolution is to be adopted on 12th October,2012

John Gregory

Keith Robinson


Police Chief

Workplace policy

Work place policy

I Purpose

This policy is intended to define the policy of the city in terms of prohibiting discrimination and harassment and notification given to all employees both current and future without interfering with their social interaction.

II Policy

The policy deals with eliminating all forms of intimidation or harassment within the senior city.


A Harassment of sexual nature.

This is has been defined as sexual advances that are unwelcomed, favor of sexual nature or request for the same, other visual verbal or physical behavior of such nature constitutes harassment of sexual nature when:

Acceptance of such condition either directly or indirectly is made the basis for which employment is given.

Acceptance or rejection of the said conduct is used by the employer to make employment decisions that affects the employee

Such condition has the aim of interfering with employees performance at work or create work environment that is not favoring to the employee.

Sexual harassment is a conduct not allowed, is offensive and interferes with employee's ability to do his/her work or the work of his/her colleague. Cultural diversity and individual values make it difficult for workers to recognize their behavior or that of their colleagues, juniors or none-employees as harassment of sexual nature .A determination on whether an act or incident is harassment in sexual nature has been committed must be made based on the investigation of the available facts. Negative result leaves the offenders supervisor with the burden of proof.


Forms of harassment include but not limited to:

Verbal- which include epithets, derogatory pronouncements or slurs based on race, color, religious creed, nationality, physical handicap, ancestry, age, medical condition, marital status, political convictions, sexual orientation, gender or lawful activities of the organization employees. Compliments which are well-intentioned about someone's body, clothing or sexual conducts may also constitute sexual harassment.

2 Physical harassment- for instance unwelcome touch assault, impeding movement.

3 Visual harassment- for instance notices, derogatory posters, bulletins, drawings cartoons.

4 Sexual Favors- unwelcome advances that are sexual in nature, request of favors that are sexual in nature and other conducts.

5 Hostile environments- include thre above referred conducts that can create work environment that is not appropriate.

Complaint process as well as Procedures (for complaints of Sexual Harassment)

In order to accommodate the rather sensitive and unique nature of complaints related to sexual harassment at the workplace, a separate process has been created at the Silver Spring Police Department for the primary resolution of these kinds of complaints. The aim is to resolve them as early as possible. These procedures are contained in this book. The application of these procedures is voluntary. In order to effectively address other forms of harassment and discrimination, there is a need for the employee to use the existing procedures for grievances as contained in the Personnel Rules as well as Memoranda of Understanding.

During the formal and informal complaint process indicated below, there is a need for every effort to be made in protecting… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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